The government is now limiting the closure of fitness center bathrooms to very specific cases

This Wednesday, the government corrected what it said about it on Tuesday Close the shower For sports facilities when the drought emergency stage reaches.

He did it through the mouth of a climate action consultant, David MascourtWho said this? No more Bathing in enclosures will be prohibited where it should be Refill swimming pools s Water and grass.

Mascourt who admitted that this Tuesday “I did not finish the explanation well.”He said that what this measure seeks is “Compensate the water that is watered“, and that this will even affect Barcelona Football Club:

“Barcelona consumes water in the Montjuïc Stadium, in the Sports City, in various places. What Barcelona must do is compensate for the water it spends watering it, and storing it in the bathrooms, whether it is from the same Montjuïc Stadium, whether it is from the Sports City.”

Mascourt said this in an interview with String objectIt was stated in it that closing showers in all sports centers requires this Modify your drought plan Approved in 2020.

As I said, this requires at least A year of proceduresBut what is there? Some councils Who applied this procedure as an example, although it is not given Cap name Local that did it.

Amendment so as not to harm children and youth sports

The Chancellor then outlined the procedure further to the press and indicated that the plan was private to forbid In emergency Watering soccer fields and filling swimming pools.

According to Mascourt, this Makes it difficult to exercise For children and young people, and to avoid that he wants to modify it. An amendment that is relatively legal Fast and simple.

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He added that anyway the decision When the bathrooms will start closing and how it will be done, he has to figure it out Every club or entity, And the only procedure they must adhere to is Save the amount of water required by an emergency.

“It is the clubs’ decision. They will have to distribute this water as best they want, always with the amount of water they can spend. I will not go into the discussion of how each club manages it.”

But Mascourt insisted The ACA will be fine If clubs spend too much water, so will the penalties Companies and municipalities for the same reason.

Barcelona will be able to continue watering the grass at Montjuïc Stadium, if drought emergency measures come into effect.

“That’s a shame, let’s put data on the table.”

The controversy surrounding the closure of showers in sports centers has raised concerns among citizensAssociation of Physical Activity and Fitness Companies From Catalonia.

Her boss, August Tarrago“He qualified for the program.”Morning” from TV3 for “disappointment“Announcement of the measure about which he said so They were not informed He claimed Negotiation-the:

“It causes a lot of confusion: what it means if the pool has to be filled you can’t use the shower, but if not, you can. This is a mess, and what we are asking the Department for Climate Action to Do is to sit down and talk about it seriously.” “We put data on the table.”

In this sense, Tarrago stated that this action did not seem to him “The best To reduce water consumption It will harm users Their sports centers.

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