United States: Shooting in a shopping center in Phoenix, one dead and eight injured

United States: Shooting in a shopping center in Phoenix, one dead and eight injured

Another mass shooting in the US, where the debate over the massacre at the school is still very hot Uvaldin Texas. one person diedAccording to CBS, there are eight more left gunshot wounds Occurred in the shopping center a Phoenixin the US state of Arizona.

Two of the injured, according to the network, are in serious condition. And according to what other American media reported at the place, which is not yet known whether it was inside or near the mall, there was an event, perhaps a party, in which about a hundred people participated. A quarrel erupts during the meeting, during which one of them carries a firearm, and explodes a few shots. Therefore, there is a different script from the one that is now familiar to the lone killer, at least according to the initial information.

Nine people were to remain on Earth, Three of them were seriously injured, endangering their lives. The ages of the injured will range from 18 to 24 years. The suspect has not yet been arrested. The police cordoned off the area and search operations are still underway.

Just over half an hour after the shooting became known, Budget worsened. In fact, the police made it clear There is a victim: will be a woman. According to some testimonies, the melee witnessed the confrontation of two opposing groups: Shots were fired from both factions. The first explosions were to take place inside the mall, then the clash moved to the outdoor parking lot. Someone was going to shoot the fleeing people.

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