Weather forecast for Friday, March 1, 2024

Weather forecast for Friday, March 1, 2024

The weather forecast for Friday announces a fairly stable day. Morning rain showers will give way to clear skies and moderate weather in the middle hours of the day.

Hourly forecast for Barcelona:

  • 06 hours: Unstable weather and possible rain
  • 09 hours: Opening of clearing
  • 12 noon: Weak sun and mistral winds
  • 3pm: A very pleasant afternoon, temperature 18°C
  • 6pm: Some fluffy clouds
  • 9pm: Not much of a wintery feel

Shower only in the morning

Between night and morning, irregular rain falls anywhere on the coast, and to a lesser extent on the central coast. The heaviest rain will fall over the sea, although it may touch land in some parts of the Barcelona coast.

Clear skies will quickly increase and give way to the sun, the main actor of the day.

The mistral winds blow moderately in the morning over southern Llobregat, and weak over Barcelona.

It's cold only in the early hours. The afternoon was very enjoyable, if not quite like the previous ones.

An active storm passed over the weekend

A cold front will approach Saturday afternoon, driven by a deep Atlantic storm. In the late afternoon, rain and some thunder will arrive from the west. In general, it will be erratic, although it could discharge with some energy somewhere in the pre-coastal region.

As for Sunday, the weather remains uncertain and volatile due to the presence of cold air in the highlands. In the afternoon, some precipitation nuclei will increase north of the capital area. It may be accompanied by hail or granular snow in some areas.

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