Quside, the Catalan quantum of cybersecurity service

Quside, the Catalan quantum of cybersecurity service

the Cyber ​​security It has become a very essential part of technological transformation. In fact, large amounts of resources are allocated to training workers so that they can acquire the necessary concepts to protect their companies, but also their products. At the same time, companies have also been born that are dedicated, specifically, to trying to provide the tools necessary to protect the data of customers, users or citizens. This is the situation Qusideincidental toInstitute of Photonic Sciences, founded in 2017, offers a solution for generating random numbers using quantum technology “with the goal of providing security, privacy, and computing efficiency,” as they claim themselves. Its technology is based on QRNGs (Quantum Random Number Generators) for cybersecurity and advanced computing. The main product they are developing is related to random number generation, a technology that protects systems by generating codes.

“Our technology goes back to 2012, when we started researching,” he explains. Carlos Abellan, CEO and co-founder of the company. Currently, these investigations have progressed to the design of two very distinct production lines and a workforce of over forty workers. The company is currently supported byicf venture tech, Venture capital funds aim to invest in technological and/or innovative projects with high growth potential in their initial stages of the Catalan Financial Institute. Specifically, ICF’s venture capital department invests in top-tier teams with innovative and scalable business models that generate strong competitive advantages. The scope of his investments – without specifying what they are in this company – ranges between 500 thousand euros and two million euros.

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The company was able to introduce its technology to the market, which revolves around two axes: cybersecurity and quantum computing. “To put it simply, we sell technology to companies in order to protect the products that reach the consumer,” says Abellan. Quside is a quantum technology company that provides, among many other tools, solutions forAdvanced randomization. This makes it possible to provide answer options in a random manner for each respondent, avoiding for example what is known as ranking bias, i.e. the tendency of each respondent to choose the first option. Although the company does not want to share the number of clients it works with, it undoubtedly captures a significant portion of the market, as it “can have a general impact across all sectors,” admits the co-founder.

If we focus on the main mission of this Catalan company, we can see that it works to generate randomness, which is fundamental to cybersecurity and high-performance computing. Quside builds the strongest randomization foundation for improved security and efficient computing. And as the co-founder explains, they work with him too Random controlEvery Quside random generation product is delivered with a new form of quality testing, known as randomization measurement. “It’s based on years of research and development and peer-reviewed methods,” Abellan explains.

Photo of Quside/Cedida laboratory

By leveraging the product’s internal quantitative operation, Quside provides reliable stochastic metrics in near real-time and in situ. “This provides value to the entire value chain, improving visibility, awareness and control for product manufacturers and infrastructure owners,” says the company itself. As a third line, the company is also working on random processing. In this sense, a wide range of Arithmetic problems They are based on random numbers. Quside offers a unique stochastic accelerator to improve the effectiveness of complex technological processes. This has been the latest innovation line from Quside and they have launched the existing product in March 2023.

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Governments, high security and space

Quside works using a very complex technology that is sometimes difficult to put into practice, i.e. making the consumer understand that this is what they will be able to improve. In fact, Abellan promotes the theory that “all sectors” need technology like his, because protecting systems is so important for them to function properly. But what is true is that there are some sectors that need this technology immediately, while other sectors are still at the beginning of the road Digitization So they don’t need many cybersecurity tools. Now, the co-founder of Quside confirms that all the markets it works with manipulate I data storageThey must have a clear security strategy.

However, the customers who currently need Quside’s technology are “primarily government forces, space technology and high security,” Abellan says. In this sense, the co-founder of the Catalan company realizes that when there is a large amount of confidential and fragile data to be stored, there is a need for systems that are more prepared to do so, “which is why governments are looking for more professional tools”. On the other hand, in case Satellites Or alien devices, need more advanced technology to function properly, which also puts Quside in the spotlight for its knowledge of quantum technology.

A round of 10 million to continue the work

Quside closed a Series A funding round worth over €10 million a few months ago. This was implemented in two stages. The first was implemented in November 2022 and allowed it to raise the first five million euros. The second, which closed in July 2023, allowed Quside to raise just over $10 million in total and bring on board new investors. These includeCatalan Institute of Finance (IKV), Trumpf Ventures, Bullnet Capital, Dimium Capital, and TechVision Capital. However, ICF’s involvement was not only as a shareholder, but it also became part of the company’s board of directors. In fact, the organization provides financing to start-ups, freelancers, small enterprises, SMEs and large companies through a range of financial products and instruments focused on loans, guarantees and risk capital: “We think it is very positive that we have a local investor like… ICF”.

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