The war between Russia and Ukraine, oil is still on the rise (+4%) as the US stops importing Russian crude oil. The price of gold rises nickel + 255% in two days

The war between Russia and Ukraine, oil is still on the rise (+4%) as the US stops importing Russian crude oil.  The price of gold rises nickel + 255% in two days

The thirteenth day of the war in Ukraine to invade On the part of Russia brings with it additional increases in raw materials. The Crude oil prices are rising sharply again: The Wti from Texas Represents an increase of 3.9% compared to last night’s closing in New York and a change of hands to $124 per barrel Brent Traded in London earns 4.4% a 128.7 dollar. thus US to formalize moratorium on purchases of Russian oil, gas and coal. Moreover, the United States is almost self-sufficient in terms of gas and crude oil production, which is an absolute net exporter but needs to import some qualities of oil.

spread between Btp And the BondThe Italian 10-year yield was 1.58% and the German equivalent was 0.09%. In the stock market, sitting in sharp decline for Major Stock Exchanges in Asia Pacific With continuing concerns about commodity prices. Tokyo lost 1.71%, Shanghai 2.35% and Taiwan 2.06%. More cautious in Seoul (-1.09%) and Sydney (-0.83%). Hong Kong was also weak (-1.4%). After a lower opening, European stock exchanges instead turned higher due to the indiscretion published by Bloomberg On the release of bonds by the European Union To finance the high expenditures due to the energy and defense crisis. Milan gains 3.1% with Unicredit, which rebounded 9.6%, and Telecom Italia 8.4%. London gains 0.6%, Paris 2% and Frankfurt 1.6%.

pricegold ($2,014/oz) with a surge that affects almost all commodities, resulting in nickel Which records a record increase of 66%. They also grow silver And the iron. The London Metal Exchange (LME) suspended the listing nickel It currently stands at $48.078 per ton (+66.25%). The metal used in the productionStainless steel and electric car batteriesIt achieved a gain of 111% in the Asian session, reaching more than $100,000 per ton. Conversely, the price Wheat Having touched records in recent days.

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British Shell Groupthe world’s first private oil company, announced that You will no longer buy barrels of oil from Russia. This was stated in a note indicating that the group would withdraw from all activities in the country’s hydrocarbon sector, including oil, gas and liquefied natural gas “in a phased manner” and “in line with new government guidelines” from London. It also decided to close all service stations and operations related to aircraft refueling in the country that invaded Ukraine. Shell bought a shipment of 1 million barrels of Russian oil from the merchant last week It turns With profits of more than 20 million euros, the company said that the money will be donated to a fund to support the Ukrainian population.

british insurance company Lloyd’s Reports How oil shipments at Russian ports are slowing despite the absence of an official ban on crude oil imports by the West. Loads decreased last week 1.5 million barrels per day After growing caution on the part of ship owners, insurance companies, traders and oil companies about the effects of sanctions, including indirect sanctions. In normal times, Russia, the world’s third largest oil producer, exports about 5 million barrels per day.

Indeed, if the import of energy products (gas, oil and diesel) is still permitted, the sanctions imposed by the West limit or prevent the financial transactions accompanying the purchases, while the premiums for insurance of boats operating in black sea, Consider a war zone, shoot upwards. Moreover, in Great Britain there is a blockade on landing From what kind of boats with the Russian flag it also extends, with inconspicuous traces, to those “tied” to Moscow. When in doubt, many operators used ships with the flags of European countries to transport Russian petroleum products.

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Meanwhile, agencies are relaunching the news that China is evaluating the possibility of boosting its holdings in Russian gas and aluminum groups, offsetting the influx of Western capital. Operations that would primarily interest the state-owned gas giant Gazprom And those made of aluminum Rusal.

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