“Help us save her, there is a cure in the USA”

“Help us save her, there is a cure in the USA”

Padua-Teresa, 14, has a rare tumor and the only treatment available is in the United States. His family, who resides near Padua, started collecting donations…

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Padua-Teresa, 14, has a rare tumor and the only treatment available is in the United States. His family, residing near Padua, started one fundraiser Online to cover travel and medical expenses. A few days ago, the hashtag #hopeforteresa appeared on social media, Teresa’s hope, because a cure is possible, no matter how long and impenetrable the road to it. To do that A minimum of 400 thousand euros is required: Father Roberto and the whole family hope for the generosity of the people, shown in recent days by constant donations and word of mouth.


The girl’s illness appeared in May 2022. It all started with a lump in her neck, which at first didn’t bother her, but then it grew in size and started to hurt. Once removed, histological examination of the mass gave a horrific finding: it was a sarcoma, a A rare and severe malignancyTaking into account the young age of the patient. Despite radiation and chemotherapy sessions, the disease recurred and grew rapidly in the same place. Now Teresa has to carefully manage her daily life: she can swallow, but slowly. The situation has plunged the girl’s family into despair, who, despite their desperation, strengthen themselves and go to every way to give hope to those they love.

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Once dynamic and athletic, Teresa has completely revised her priorities and now, fully aware of the situation, is going through this period with “commendable courage,” as her father puts it. The latest CT and MRI scans have in fact shown that the treatments that have been carried out so far have not given the desired result and that the disease can get out of control, dooming a very young patient to an early death. The Padua doctors have made it clear: there is no solution here in Italy. But the family doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned, and after a moment of frustration, they decide to respond to Teresa’s case and bring her to a cutting-edge center in America, the MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is located in Houston and is one of the best hospitals for the treatment of sarcomas: their case history includes more than 100 different types of these tumors, which can appear throughout the body.


Some sarcomas are so rare that there are only about ten patients per year. Houston specialists are already evaluating Theresa’s condition to determine a possible course of treatment. But health care in the US is not free and all of this comes at a huge cost: €57,000 is required for entrance to the facility alone and for the initial exams. Family members continue: «With the first courses of treatment, the necessary amount will increase a lot. Depending on the specific treatment, the hospital estimated a minimum cost of €370,000. Although our strength and hopes are now concentrated in downtown Houston, which gives Teresa the best chances, we are also in contact with some structures in Europe, whose condition we have asked to be re-evaluated.” And so the family opened a petition on Gofundme in a few days, donating more than 2,800 people in the amount of 130,000 euros.The aim of the petition is 450,000 euros, but at this rate it will be collected in a short time.What will not be spent on treatments will be donated entirely for research purposes.In the meantime, Teresa’s family completes the bureaucratic formalities to leave for the United States. Hope is shaped into small daily gestures.

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