The girlfriend of Alves' complainant claims the footballer was “drooling” from the moment he met her

The girlfriend of Alves' complainant claims the footballer was “drooling” from the moment he met her

The girlfriend of Alves' complainant claims the footballer was “drooling” from the moment he met herJordi Boras

The complainant's friendSexual assault on Dani Alves in a nightclub in Barcelona He confirmed on Monday during the trial in the Barcelona court that from the moment he met them the player had an attitude “The mud“And that immediately after the events circulated, the victim said that he had harmed her by penetrating her. She also stated that her friend at first did not want to convey the facts because she thought that no one would believe her, and that since then she has not worked, and she feels worried and this shows.”Obsessiveness“On the few times he goes out. The complainant’s cousin said practically the same thing. The victim believed, behind closed doors, the aforementioned facts, according to what was reported by sources who attended the statement.

In a statement that lasted half an hour, and with some tears, the friend testified that Elvis’ attitude from the first moment was “cheerful” and that When the sexual assault had actually occurred, the complainant immediately told her that the accused had “hurt” her. And he ejaculated inside the vagina.

This was explained by both the friend and the cousin When they entered the nightclub, the three of them remained in the general area. From where they could see the VIP area, they went at least once to the bathroom in the public area. After a while, two or three Mexican boys came out of a group of six or seven who were on a reservation and invited them to their area. They went there, and after a short time a waiter approached them and told them that they were invited to drink cava from the table. They refused at first, because they had been with Mexicans recently, but the waiter insisted after a while, and finally they went to the table that invited them, which was Elvis's. They didn't even know who the man was, or that he was a footballer let alone famous, although they found out later.

At Elvis' table they met two other girls. When they greeted one of the men standing, the friend said she noticed there was already one “Lackish behavior” when giving her two kisses in greeting, and also when touching her back near her buttocks. “I didn't like the situation and went to the other side of the table, but I didn't say anything to him,” he said. The girl admitted that she was “selfish” and only thought about “getting out” of Elvis's influence so that he would not touch her anymore, and she did not say anything to her other two friends.

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After a while, the victim's cousin told her that Elvis had touched her vagina, which confirmed her opinion of Elvis. The truth is that the cousin confirmed this ending and said so They felt “uncomfortable” because of these touches. However, she explained that at other times she felt uncomfortable in a nightclub and never thought the night could end in rape.

At some point during the night, the player went to a door that he did not know was a toilet, and the three girls stayed with Elvis' friend. The cousin explained that the complainant told her about this Elvis insisted on going to a place she didn't know what it wasBut he had no desire to go there and was giving him extensions. Finally, she herself recommended that he go there and talk to him, because she thought it was a smoking room.

After a while, the accused entered, and Elvis's friend suggested that the other two girls enter as well, but they refused. According to his cousin, Elvis W The complainant remained inside for a quarter of an hour. The football player came out first and after a minute or two the girl came out. His cousin said: “I saw that he had a bad face.”

The friend had gone to the toilet in the general area of ​​the nightclub. There he immediately received a WhatsApp message from the victim's cousin telling him that her friend wanted to leave. He knew immediately “what happened.” She met the other two girls in the wardrobe and he was the friend.”Sadness as ever“He hurt me a lot, he hurt me a lot, he came inside,” the complainant insisted. She was tense and the three were crying because they didn’t know how to react at that moment. “It’s like she wasn’t there; His body was as if it had been run over“, he added. The cousin explained that the victim was “in a vicious circle.”

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The first witness said her friend wanted to return home, but she, a lawyer, insisted on reporting the events and was able to alert local security, who activated the Mossos d'Esquadra. The girl said they would not believe her, but she convinced her to go to the hospital clinic.


When asked, both parties said that Alves did not appear to be suffering from alcoholism, and that she did not remember seeing her friend kissing or hugging the player. The friend also did not recall telling the police who attended her friend at the disco that they had kissed before or that the complainant admitted that she “knew where she was going and what she was doing.”

At around five o'clock the same morning, the footballer's friend wrote to the victim's cousin, giving her his address and telling her if she needed anything. She wanted to respond with “sympathy” to see if the player friend would apologize or confess something to him and shortly after she deleted the contact.

In the following days, the girl who was allegedly assaulted still did not want to report the incident to the police, nor to tell anyone, but her friend convinced her and accompanied her to the police station.

They both explained that since then the complainant's condition has become “very bad”, she feels anxious, when she used to be cheerful, she has lost weight, does not trust anyone, does not work, and rarely leaves the house. In fact, the girl lives with her cousin and talks daily with her friend, who forces her to go out from time to time, although the victim does so with a lack of confidence and thinks “very anxiously” all the time about who is following her or photographing her. The victim was forced to go to psychological treatment, and even to a psychiatrist, since her photos were published through the Brazilian media and the social networks of Alves’ mother. He also takes sleeping pills and antidepressants. “We cry day and night,” the cousin said.

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The witness explained that she did not ask her friend much about how the events occurred, but she took a picture of the victim’s knee while she was in the hospital, where she was injured due to the sudden movements that she would have been forced to make. Former Blaugrana player.

The girl cried at several points in her testimony and had to pause to catch her breath. She was also nervous in her answers to Alves's defense, who berated her and the presiding judge for not remembering many of the details she was asking for.

The defense asked him if he remembered the nightclub doorman telling them: “I don't know why you go with these people, if you already know how they are.” She also did not remember saying to her friend: “They will believe you the way things are.”

The two waiters who served Elvis' reservations that night also testified. They both explained that they had brought a large bottle of cava to the footballer's table, that they had sent the girls to the area and that they had not seen anything strange.

One of the doormen explained that when he saw the girls leaving the room sad, he wanted to know what happened to them, but the victim did not want to talk much. He activated the Anti-Sexual Violence Protocol. He said he didn't know Elvis was in the room.

Previously, the complainant's statements were made behind closed doors, but sources who attended the hearing said that the girl believed her version of events.

The trial is scheduled to continue on Tuesday from 3pm, with up to 22 witnesses expected to be heard.

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