Chronology of espionage in Peri Aragones

Espionage a Peter Aragones With Israeli programs Pegasus investigating in The New Yorker I Citizen laboratory In April of 2022.

Then it was actually said that they spied on each other 65 people between 2017 And the 2020And that Aragon spying was during his presence vice president In government Kim Tora.

His cell phone was also infected with spyware On January 4, 2020after he clicked on a link in a phishing message, although the espionage had begun months earlier.

The CNI admits to espionage and the director is fired

After a few weeks, Paz Estebanboss National Intelligence CenterThe CNI admitted that they had spied on Aragonés and his entourage Carles Puigdemont With one Judicial permission.

Esteban L said it Congressional Committee on Official Secretswhere he only gave a list 18 peopleAmong them was the current president of the generalitats.

Then, as now, Govt Pedro Sanchez Confirm it I had no knowledge On charges of espionage, five days later Esteban paused position and appoint a replacement.

Journey of Aragonese Complaint

A year and a half later, in October 2023, a judge in Barcelona recognized this procedure Aragon complaint She filed in July 2022, and announced that she would subpoena Esteban to testify.

Two months later, on December 13, it was the state president who He gave a statement Before the judge, and he benefited from it Declassification of the claim From the documents.

On January 16th Council of Ministers He agreed to this declassification, which he also requested Judge instructionsWho postponed Esteban's statement until his content was known.

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This content was identified on Thursday, with Many gapsaccording to Aragonés, who complained of the presence of “Entire pages are stained black“.

It was the most amazing thing The argument Who used CNI to ask the Supreme Court for permission to spy on him: attributed to him Trend of CDRs via “secret”.

Council for Development and Reconstruction: From defending the referendum to defending the republic

CDRs, born in the fall of 2017 as a Referendum defense committeesThey were later converted to Defenders of the Republic Without having to change abbreviations.

Dedicated to Organizing protests and mobilization Throughout the territory, they have become Police and judicial purpose, With increasingly serious charges.

For example, in April 2018 activist Tamara Carrasco accused of Sedition, rebellion and terrorism Based on Messages what's up Even weaker evidence.

Operation Judgment and Operation Judah

In September 2019, a few weeks before the Supreme Court ruling against pro-independence leaders was announced, the Civil Guard arrested 9 members of the Council for Development and Reconstructionin the so-called Operation Judas.

They were also accused of this Insurgency, terrorism and possession of explosivesand they were attributed supposedly Preparing for the attackAn attempt was made to link them to the then president Kim Tora.

The Supreme Court's permission for the CNI to spy on Aragonés was prohibited in this contextwhile it was underway Protests against the government To incite pro-independence leaders.

Pedro Sanchez's government denies its involvement

He was Bail judge The Supreme Court authorized the espionage operation without examining its content Prisons Where the convicts were imprisoned The usual scenes of marches and protests.

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then Pedro Sanchez He had already been president for a year and four months, but the Spanish government has insisted on it these days They were not aware of the espionage.

They argued this by pointing out that neither the CNI nor the Supreme Court had to inform the executive, but the PP maintained that Sánchez was already aware of this, and even that He ordered it.

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