TIM’s Odyssey between USA, France and Italy

In the long and complex history of former nationalization, another part of the American matrix has been added. A complex situation in which the government must act to protect the national interest.

In fact

Very rough water all around DIM From the New York Fund KKR & Co. All companies’ shares were submitted to the board of directors of the telecommunications company in an attempt to “acquire” the company. Expressing interest, etc. Reported Among other things, Il Sole 24 Ore, “… unbound and pointing” and “… valid at least 51% of the capital, aimed at initiating a dictatorial takeover attempt aimed at elimination”. And it leaves a month to consult via Negri.

Come Is expected From La Stampa, an American private equity firm has been looking after Italy for several days. Being a part of it for a while, anything but quick was abducted by curiosity in that beautiful country Fiber cop, A TIM group company born out of an alliance between the Italian company KKR and Fastweb to manage and operate the Fiber Optic Network of the Peninsula. The closure of Trans-Atlantic Twinning, a 37.5% stake in subsidiary DIM, is not the lowest, indicating the US desire for sustainability in the Italian market. Now on to the sisters of the former Communications Monopoly group.

All this, already in a period of tension, was shaken by frictions between the French விவேந்தி And CEO Luigi Kupitosi. The latter is difficult after the clear and negative position taken by the directors close to the French company on the status of the company’s treasury and the effectiveness of the industrial plan. Summary of the intermittent period of evolution with many negative implications.

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The story that caused fear in the political world. After all, the former prime minister Giuseppe Conte He spoke of the need to keep our security at the highest level, ensuring the best protection of national interests and assets that are the backbone of the country’s development, development and technological advancement. In parallel Marco Risso, The secretary of the Communist Party, linked the DIM issue to the Alitalia controversy and stressed the dangers to workers. Thus, the unions position themselves in the same line, expressing concern about the fate of workers in the event of possible layoffs and complete uncertainty about the future employment of thousands of workers.

In the presence of many, the story does not seem to add to the group now Vincent Polur, Which restricts itself in denying any kind of contact with national or international actors. The government, for its part, if by the way BET He temporarily positioned himself behind the tight balance MEF Take care to publish a laconic Press release: “Government acknowledges interest in TIM by qualified institutional investors”. He added, “The government will closely monitor developments that express interest and carefully evaluate projects that affect the infrastructure and the implementation of its privileges.”

Security tip

In the hurricane of events and the refrain “Who does what”, Palazzo Siki plays the role of an irreplaceable and privileged player in the game. “Dominant” runableThe power of gold“To safeguard the national interest and security. And the focus of the story revolves around the need to keep at least TIM’s” excessive “business in public and Italian hands, aimed at network management, and PNRR’s best potential and utilization of funds. Modernization and strengthening of the communication world. In which are planned.

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The real master of the festival, Mario Tracy He accepts the waiting and viewing position, restrains himself from allowing the market to play, and is aware of the possibility of changing the cards on the table if the game contradicts state requirements. Keep an eye on the players’ moves: in this sense the Constitution goes, according to the MEF report, “… a task force consisting of government representatives consisting mainly of relevant organizational skills, as well as administrations and experts” to pursue this matter with anger, in turn, with caution.

Economic problems but before securing the strategic infrastructure for the functioning of the state. The government’s “golden power” must take place, especially after the expansion of the applicable range of regulation on “gold power”, thanks to the April 2020 cash flow mandate, which can be relied upon for recognition. New reference fields. And TIM only gets relevant in any context communication, Traditionally protected by special government powers, but also in a different world Cybersycureza, The recent “acquisition” of the law.

All this, a radical and inevitable reflection on economic intelligence is pending, which must be created in parallel with the “golden power”, with the aim of mutually strengthening not only ideology, but also the functioning and security of the country. From, pointed out Ants Gives Enrico Porky, Democratic Defense Leader, “… Today’s economic war is being waged by the acquisition of a country’s concessional assets.”

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