It beats the Toyota RAV4 in sales because it's just as good, but cheaper and smaller

It beats the Toyota RAV4 in sales because it's just as good, but cheaper and smaller

TToyota Rav4 It is one of those models that explains the success of the Japanese brand not only in our country but around the world. This model can boast of being one of the best-selling models in all markets for a few years now, thus becoming one of the best-selling models worldwide.

In the case of the Spanish market this Toyota It finished last year in 44th place, a far cry from first place but continues to show that it is one of the more interesting options in its class. Of course, seeing the sales results of this model in the first month of 2024, everything indicates an improvement in the sales of this Japanese SUV this year.

The fact is that the RAV4 ended last January as at least the 10th most registered vehicle with just over 1,200 sales, and it is also one of the models that helped Toyota become, once again, as has been the case for some time, the best-selling brand. On Spanish roads.

Toyota Yaris Cross has achieved success in Spain

Of course, as you well know Toyotathere are two models that are currently still ahead of the four raps in terms of sales figures and which have become the two best arguments for the Japanese brand in our country.

On the one hand, CorollaIt is a compact car that ended last year as the third most registered car and began 2024 as the second car with the largest market share, and was only surpassed by Dacia Sandero. On the other hand, the model that probably sells the most is the one that gets stolen from Rav 4he Yaris passa smaller and distinctly cheaper compact SUV than the compact SUV that can boast a fifth-place finish with more than 1,500 registrations.

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While it is true that the audience it is directed to belongs to different segments Yaris pass It is not the same audience that Rav 4it is no secret that, considering that it is a little cheaper and that it is also a versatile model, countless people go to Toyota dealers, see the price difference, and choose the urban SUV.

It would be strange, as it already happened last 2023, if the Yaris Cross ends up not only being one of Toyota's best-selling models but also a best-selling Toyota model. Rav 4.

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