Naval maneuvers in the Black Sea | The Netherlands accuses Russian planes of “harassing” one of its ships

(Hague) The Netherlands last week accused Russian warplanes of “dangerous” behavior last Thursday towards a Dutch warship in the Black Sea.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Russian planes “continued to harass” the Dutch warship for five hours. Evertson When it was in the southeast of Crimea.

Passes at low altitude

The planes were “dangerous and close, threatening attacks,” the ministry said in a statement, which were fitted with “bombs and missiles.”

“After several hours of intimidation, disruption of electronic devicesEvertson Were registered, ”the ministry added.

Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schwartz condemned the “irresponsible” actions and promised that the Netherlands would “open up to Russia”.

«L ‘Evertson Everyone has every right to go there. There is no justification for this kind of aggression, which unnecessarily increases the risk of an accident, ”he said.

The Russians are confirming the shipment

Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed on Thursday that it had sent “SU-30 fighters and SU-24 bombers” to “prevent trespassing on regional waters.”

According to this source, Russian planes flew nearby Evertson “At a safe distance”, then the Dutch ship “immediately changed course”.

The Russian statement continued, “The flights of Russian planes complied with international rules regarding the use of airspace.”

Another incident occurred the previous day in the Black Sea.

According to Russia, the British destroyer Defender In 2014, a peninsula annexed by Moscow on Wednesday entered the waters from Crimea and received a “warning that weapons would be used if they violated Russian borders.”

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The Russian ship “did not respond to the warning”, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, a Russian “border patrol vessel” fired “warning shots” and a Su-24M aircraft carried out a “precautionary bombing on the runway”. .

London denied the allegations, citing Russian “shooting exercises” and “an innocent route through the Ukrainian territorial waters”.

L ‘Evertson The same carrier of the British destroyer was part of the strike group Defender.

In this context of tensions, Ukraine and the United States have launched joint military exercises in the Black Sea as part of Western cooperation with Kiev.

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