The United States imposed sanctions on Israeli settlers who practice violence. This has not happened since the Clinton administration

The United States imposed sanctions on Israeli settlers who practice violence.  This has not happened since the Clinton administration

The change in Washington’s position towards Israel seems more evident after every statement or decision of the US administration. But the borders reported by Axios as imminent look more like the borders the United States has decided to draw to limit the actions of one of the many faces of the Jewish state. If Tel Aviv […]

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Change in position Washington towards Israel The matter seems clearer after every statement or decision of the American administration. But an announcement is imminent Axios It seems like more limits than it is United State They decided to plan to limit the actions of one of the many faces of the Jewish state. Self Tel Aviv He does not intend to respect calls for moderation in the country Gaza stripwith 16 thousand dead At the time of writing, management Biden duty Penalties Toward Illegal settlers Who committed acts of violence against residents West Bank.

The US Secretary of State confirmed the veracity of these rumors. Anthony Blinken“Today I announced a new policy Visa restrictions Targeted at individuals and their family members who participate or contribute significantly to Actions that undermine peaceSecurity and stability in the West Bank. “Violence against civilians will have consequences,” he wrote. X. The head of US diplomacy also explained that the administration “confirmed to the Israeli government the necessity of doing so.” Do more To ensure the responsibility of extremist settlers who committed violent attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank. As President Biden has said repeatedly, these attacks are unacceptable. Instability in the West Bank harms the Israeli and Palestinian peoples and threatens Israel’s national security interests. Those responsible must be held accountable.”

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It is a measure that will not have a particularly harsh impact on the lives of those affected, but it has a significant impact Symbolic value: This is the first time since the administration Clinton The United States imposes sanctions on settlers. In an editorial on Washington Post Two weeks ago, the president had already predicted that the United States was preparing to ban visas for extremist settlers involved in attacks against Palestinians. Some US officials interviewed Axios They explained that Washington’s decision is linked to the belief that the current Israeli government is not seriously trying to stop and prevent attacks against the Palestinians. On the other hand, instead of stemming the tide of violence, the executive proposed privatization Hundreds of millions To finance the expansion of illegal settlements and arm the Civil Guard to protect them, among other things. All this while he was Secretary of Homeland Security, Itamar Ben GvirIt pays to supply pistols and rifles to the residents of the colonies.

The American move came as a result of many evaluations. First, it is an influential decision, but at the same time it is easy to implement: Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal according to various UN Security Council resolutions. United nations In the weeks following the October 7 Hamas attack, violence by its residents towards the Palestinian population increased, also driven by the support of a large sector of the Netanyahu government. Precisely for this reason, the United States, the United Nations, and the European Union have repeatedly asked the executive authority in Tel Aviv to intervene to put an end to the violations in occupied lands. Words you haven’t heard yet. By taking action against settlers, the Biden administration is launching another step A call for calm The Israeli government is openly supported, albeit less and less decisively, and is referred to again and again Respect international law In private conversations. Also because Biden himself is showing increasing discomfort with his government’s involvement in a war that is not his. Just one year after the presidential election.

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