How to avoid mosquito bites? The amazing discovery of science

How to avoid mosquito bites?  The amazing discovery of science

Recent research highlights a really incredible aspect about mosquito And their ability to bite a man. The new study was carried out by a group of Italian researchers from the University of Milan and the University of Pavia.

An interesting discovery has been made, which makes us think about the possibilities that a human should reduce the discomfort it causes mosquito bitesSometimes it is also responsible for some diseases that can have serious consequences.

The surprising discovery of mosquito science

Especially on summer days, we often have to deal with mosquito bites, because these insects are present in large quantities practically everywhere. However, scientists have discovered an interesting novelty, which could lead to learning more about the mechanism by which mosquitoes can bite.

The research aims to more accurately understand this mechanism, first of all analyzing the existing components inside saliva of these insects. Substances characterizing this element were noted and an important discovery was made.

In fact, researchers found one very special proteinWhich would modify the mosquito bite, to allow these insects to simply bite us.

What the researchers noticed, was actually called a very strange protein lipwhich is an abbreviation for saliva-labial-reactive protein.

What are the future implications?

The discovery made by the experts of the two Italian universities is really important, because it is possible, by conducting an analysis of this kind, that one can work out the mechanism that mosquitoes use to carry out their annoying bites.

So the mechanism could have been observed with great accuracy and the presence of this particular protein would be of great interest.

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By intervening, you may be able to reduce or prevent mosquitoes can sting the man. In short, it’s research with important potential, as it only explains how mosquitoes bite humans.

Everything will be due to the protein, which determines the change in the bite, which is necessary for mosquitoes to suck blood.

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what will Implications for the future Who searches like this? Right now we can’t tell, but it’s certainly a really interesting study, which could tell us more about how mosquitoes act when they try in every way to bite us during summer evenings.

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