Achille Costacurta, the crazy night in Milan: reported for resistance and violence against a public official

Achille Costacurta, the crazy night in Milan: reported for resistance and violence against a public official

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The son of Billy Costacurta and Martina Colombari, who had just come out of the popular TV show Beijing Express, he was located near Furialone in the Tortona region. It started with a rampage in a taxi, then an assault on a local police officer who punched him in the face

A Night of Extraordinary Madness (The Ordinary) Achilles Costacurta. He was the son of Billy (ex-Milan footballer) and Martina Colombari (model and actress) At-large reported resistance and violence against a public official. as it relates todayOn Tuesday night, the 18-year-old was going to rampage in a taxi, attacking local police who intervened and finally punched one of the cops, who walked out of the emergency room with a seven-day warning.

Achilles is known to television audiences for his presence Participate in the broadcast «Beijing Express» with Mother: Last Thursday, the “mother and son” couple were excluded from the program, which is broadcast on Sky. But what would happen on Tuesday evening? Shortly after 11 pm, the boy got into a taxi in the Tortona area. After a while he starts rampaging inside the car. The frightened taxi driver had approached a local police patrol in Via Savona, while on duty in Vooresalone. The driver allegedly told the police that the passenger had damaged his vehicle and was shouting nonsense. Some witnesses also saw him throw designer accessories out of windows. The taxi driver gets off, while Achilles refuses to get out. The policemen opened the doors, but the young man hit one of them with a punch In full face, near the eye.

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The boy was changed, immobilized and taken via Custodi, to the Central Arrest and Detention Office of the local police. He was investigated on charges of resistance and violence against a public servant, in agreement with the duty public prosecutor. At dawn he was entrusted to his father, who arrived by way of the sentry to take him home.

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