Romina Power and Al Bano in a tender embrace with Ylenia: more united than ever | Check out the unedited photo

Romina Power and Al Bano in a tender embrace with Ylenia: more united than ever |  Check out the unedited photo

Al Bano Carisi and Romina Power embrace their daughter Ylenia. Here is the photo that shows the tender moment with the firstborn

Al Bano Carrisi And Romina Power They represent one of the artistic couples beloved by Italians. Even though they have gone their separate ways, they have always remained on good terms and thus still continue to thrill fans. They present themselves together side by side on stage.

Together they produced hit songs like Happiness, there will be, a rogue nostalgia, my dear land And freedom. Galeotto was the film’s setting In the sun In 1967. It was love at first sight so much so that they married on July 26, 1970. From their union were born Jelenia, Jari, Romina and Krystle.

The two were married for nearly 30 years, after which he met Albano Loredana LesisoHis current partner who made him a father Yasmine And Al Bano Jr. Despite the passage of years, Fans are always hoping for his return with Romina Power.

For several hours, the beautiful singer wanted to share joy with a veil of sadness with her followers and Some tears touched the faces of the most sensitive people. But what happened? The eldest daughter is involved.

A touching gesture from Romina Power to her daughter

Ylenia was last seen on January 1, 1994 when she was staying at a hotel in New Orleans. Unfortunately, during the phone call, he had a verbal clash with his father Since then, traces of it have been lost.

His disappearance was one of the reasons for the couple’s separation. If he surrenders, she still believes in his return. Exactly for this reason Memories took over And so he shared a snapshot of the past.

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Old shot with Ylenia –

Al Bano and Romina with Ylenia

“Yelenia’s month has begun. Here she was just born, wrapped in the blanket I knitted for her.”Here is what Romina Power said in the caption of the photo. It can be seen She and Al Bano as young men with their daughter in their arms. A beautiful moment that did not go unnoticed on social media. In fact, there were many touching comments they received.

“I was lucky enough to meet Ylenia. We were at dance school together. I always remember his wonderful smile and sweetness. You have always been attentive and wonderful parents. I wish you and Elenia, wherever you are, the serenity you deserve!. This is just one of many comments you can read. This can only confirm how much the Carisi family is loved by the vast majority of people.

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