Alain Delon, The Will to Die as He Lived: By His Choice

Alain Delon, The Will to Die as He Lived: By His Choice

Alain Delonan actor who is a symbol of our cinema, one of the most beautiful and amazing men in the world, who in his career made whole generations of women fall in love, chose to die Exactly how did he live? How (and when) he wants. By resort, when will it happen, tomercy killing.

Alain Delon, rebellious and non-committal to the end

Rebellious and “disorderly” since, since he was a child he has had to change school constantly due to his poor grades, being discharged from the French Navy after spending 11 months in prison for lack of discipline, until At the age of 86, he wants to decide his deathusing assisted suicideDover resides in Switzerland and is legal with the help of his son Anthony.

Alain Delon, eternal rebel

Anthony Dillon: ‘My father chose euthanasia’

I chose my fathermercy killing. And I will be the one to help him.” To reveal her, he was the same eldest son of Alan, born in 1964 from the actress’s love Natahali Dillon (born Francine Canovas) who said during an interview on French radio RTL how his father He was going to demand a promise to accompany him to the endIf he decides to die.

“It’s his right to leave quietly,” Anthony commented, asking me to “arrange” when he chooses to leave. And the son accepted him as he narrated in his autobiography Entre chien et loup (Between Dog and Wolf), in which he talks about his “eventful” childhood and his not always easy relationship with his famous father.

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Alain Delon chose euthanasia

Alain Delon: “I will leave this world without regrets”

In one of his last interviews with Paris Matchsaid Alan that he was ready to die, without regret: “Life no longer gives me much. I have known everything, I have seen everything. But most of all I hate and reject this age. There are beings that I hate. Everything is false, everything is distorted, No respect, no more words of honor. Only money matters. I know it I will leave this world without regret

Alain Delon and his son Anthony

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