« Tapping the Boys to Delirium? No »- Corriere.it

« Tapping the Boys to Delirium?  No »- Corriere.it
From Francesco Verderami

The Prime Minister will soon pass the Sixth Arms Decree of Kiev. From the next Cabinet first measures on energy

at a certain point government meeting It’s turned into a forensic conference. Because after a long exposure to Keeper of the Seals nordeo With regard to issues within his competence, other Ministers who are experts in the field also wanted to intervene to speak with the Solicitor and leave their opinion on the record: from the former President of the Senate casellatiwith his resume as a lawyer, even the Undersecretary of the Presidency MantuanWith his past as a judge. But when the lady running the bell saw that the discussion was going on, she found a way to stop it. And of course he did it with watermelon: I have a legal culture, thank you. But we must also move forward.

Whoever was there, he recalled the prime minister’s approach during the first Executive Council of Ministers: respectful and colloquial tones, from which emerge the nature of a leader. Who hinted at how he would like to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings, escapes with his partners. So says one of the attendees: she shares with you, explains the reasons why certain things are not, and in the end removes excuses for you. With this approach, just like Meloni, I will try to tune in within the government. Where yesterday’s collaborative atmosphere prevailed, it was so quiet that to some it seemed a bit surreal, given the time the FdI leader and allies spend before and after the election.

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In fact, apparently always the group of friends, the opening was poor. It was natural for the director to deny this, especially after the repeated text messages with Salvini. Meloni warns that he’s on watch, more than instrumental arguing about fascism is about government actions. When Viminale chief Piantedosi explained Anti delirium measureParadoxically, imagining the possibility of wiretapping also being used, the Prime Minister rolled her eyes first and then – with a smile – said no, wiretapping no. These are young people. If we do, we will risk equating them with mafia crimes and terrorism.

In both cases, with Nordeo and Piantedosi, he moved cleverly, acknowledging the first and second legal expertise of the political culture of the Irbena school. As for the owner of health shilachiHe listened to his reasoning on the public health difficulties of a physician shortage, awaiting a discussion with the entire government about solutions to be found: including eliminating the limited number of university admissions, which he intends to assess but was not talked about yesterday. There are other contingencies to address, and the inaugural cabinet worked to send signals to the center-right audience.

The next will become serious, taking the first actions on the energy that has been committed until the evening. Some options were examined and the Prime Minister reserved the right to decide which one he chose. It won’t be easy. Nor will the trip to Brussels, where meetings with leaders of European institutions are scheduled. After winning the Serie A title, he will have to play the Champions League. This is something else entirely. Even if – explains a very reliable source – feeling with the head of state and the former prime minister will facilitate those who represent the nation today in international relations. In short, Mattarella and Draghi, together with a political position that is no longer in conflict, will be beneficial to Meloni.

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Basically – smiling one of the main leaders of the FdI practiced self-criticism – from the revolutionaries we became reformers. Until recently, whenever we talked about Europe or NATO, we said “yes but”. Today is different. And if we don’t make mistakes and omissions… Credibility abroad is essential for Meloni because – according to one of his ministers – he adopts it in the chancellies and strengthens it in the government. It is a topic that the Prime Minister discussed with party leaders. also agreement with the United States According to their analyzes, it is expected to be profitable: after the exit of London from the Union, given the traditional separation from Paris and today’s poor relations with Berlin, Washington in Europe will be able to count on the loyalty of Rome. This is the reason why Meloni should soon pass the sixth decree on arms to Kiev. Move quickly – confirms a center-right elder – neither Salvini nor Berlusconi will be able to stand the discrimination.

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