Israel – Hamas is at war, today’s news | There is also fighting in the West Bank, and violent clashes in Jenin

Israel – Hamas is at war, today’s news |  There is also fighting in the West Bank, and violent clashes in Jenin
to Dr.. Frattini, reporter; Cremonesi and A. Nicastro, correspondents; Paolo Foschi; Online editorial team

Friday, November 17 news about the conflict between Israel and Hamas live

• The 42nd day of the war: The number of Palestinian deaths was 11,470, including 4,630 children. In Israel, 1,200 people were killed in the attack on October 7.
• An Israeli army raid on Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.
• The American plan for Gaza, point by point.
• Words and abbreviations for understanding conflict: Here is the glossary.
• The history of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, explained here.

07.12 am – Israeli attack on Gaza

(Written by Alessandro Trossino from the Prima Ora newsletter) The Israeli attack against Hamas in the Gaza Strip is increasing in intensity and breadth – writes correspondent Lorenzo Cremonesi. After declaring the central area of ​​Gaza City in the northern sector free of terrorists, the military leadership has been working since yesterday to gradually expand its operations towards the south. The planes bombed the home of the political leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, who has been living with his family in Qatar for some time.

The conditions of the Palestinians in Gaza are tragic. Cremonesi writes: According to officials from UNRWA (the United Nations relief agency for Palestinian refugees), at least two-thirds of them have been forced to leave their homes since October 7, and the humanitarian tragedy has reached dire proportions. According to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health, the number of deaths is approaching 12,000 people. Yesterday, 24,000 liters of fuel entered Egypt, which is nothing compared to the 160,000 liters needed for daily needs.

Attention remains focused on recoveryIt is the largest hospital in Gaza City. Nearby, soldiers found the body of Yehudit Weiss, who was kidnapped along with 240 other hostages on October 7. Military spokesmen say they found at least one tunnel dug by Hamas under the hospital’s foundations. US intelligence also says it is convinced that Hamas is hiding its bases in health facilities.

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while An exchange of fire between three Hamas activists and the Israeli police at the gates of Jerusalem It goes back to inflaming the West Bank (we talked about that in the review). Guido Olimpio says that Israeli pressure focused on the Khan Yunis refugee camp, a symbol of the Palestinian struggle, where many hostages could be hidden.

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06.39 am – The White House: We will not provide intelligence information about Al-Shifa Hospital

The United States Government does not intend to disclose any intelligence or assessments regarding the alleged presence of a command center for the Palestinian Hamas organization under the targeting of Al-Shifa Hospital, the main medical center in the Gaza Strip, in recent days of artillery attacks and shelling. Israeli army incursions. The White House announced this after President Joe Biden publicly expressed his support for the military operation carried out by the Israel Defense Forces in the hospital.

05.24 am – Palestinian sources, two people were killed by Israeli bombing in Jenin

Palestinian sources in the West Bank city of Jenin said that two people were killed and seven others were injured during an Israeli military operation in the early hours of this morning. Local media reported this. According to the report, some people were injured in an air strike, while others were injured by gunfire. Among the injured, two are in serious condition. Reports also claim that the IDF surrounded the city’s Ibn Sina Hospital.

04.57 am – Blinken to Netanyahu: There can be no reoccupation of Gaza by Israel

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that there could be no reoccupation of the Gaza Strip by the Jewish state, but acknowledged that a transition period may be needed to ensure security in the Strip. American media reported this. Speaking to ABC, Blinken said that when it comes to the future of Gaza, from our point of view it should be under a Palestinian government and there should be security as well. The US Secretary of State added that it is necessary, if we want there to be lasting peace and security, that we move forward to ensure that Palestinians obtain political rights and the ability to govern themselves and make decisions about their future in their state.

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03.12 AM – Blinken to Jordan: Say no to your doctors in Gaza

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi that the United States shares his deep concern about the injury of Jordanian medical personnel outside the Jordanian field hospital while providing critical medical care in Gaza. American media reported this. According to a US State Department spokesperson, Blinken also stressed the need to protect civilians and medical workers in hospitals, and expressed US gratitude to His Majesty King Abdullah II and the government and people of Jordan for their continued commitment to providing essential humanitarian assistance. Assistance to the Palestinian people. Blinken also stressed America’s commitment to achieving lasting peace through the establishment of a Palestinian state as part of the two-state solution.

02.55 am – Netanyahu admits: We are unable to reduce the number of civilian deaths

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held Hamas responsible for failed efforts to reduce the number of civilian deaths in Gaza. In an interview with CBS, Netanyahu said that Israel was doing everything it could to keep civilians out of harm’s way while fighting Hamas in the Strip, including dropping leaflets warning them to flee, but that its attempts to minimize human casualties had not been successful.

02.36 – Netanyahu: Hamas command center in Al-Shifa Hospital, but the terrorists escaped

There was a Hamas command and control center at Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this, defending the action against the hospital in an interview with CBS. We had concrete evidence of terrorist leaders and terrorists in the hospital. Netanyahu said: They fled as our forces approached. Hamas used patients in that hospital as human shields, and on the second floor we found a command and control center and military encryption equipment. The Israeli Prime Minister said again: “We found bombs and weapons, and we also found tunnels in the hospital complex.” We did the right thing: deprive Hamas of this safe zone in the hospital while at the same time neutralizing this terrorist command center. Netanyahu also said that one of the reasons behind the action was that they had concrete evidence that Israeli hostages captured by Hamas were being held there. The Prime Minister said: We had strong indications that they were detained in Al-Shifa Hospital, and this was one of the reasons for their admission to the hospital.

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02.01 AM – Syria repels an Israeli missile attack on the outskirts of Damascus

Syrian official media reported that Damascus forces shot down Israeli missiles launched from the Golan Heights towards the outskirts of the Syrian capital. The Syrian Al-Watan newspaper quoted a military source as saying that the air defense repelled a missile attack launched by the Israeli attackers.

00:46- Hamas: We are fighting Israeli forces in Jenin

In a short post on the Telegram application, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said that it was fighting with all other resistance factions in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. This was reported by Al Jazeera Online, adding that according to what was stated in the post, Palestinian fighters were targeting Israeli forces with intense fire and explosive devices.

00:34- Blinken to Israel: Urgent action to stop settler violence against the Palestinians

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on Israel to take urgent measures to stop settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. In a phone call with Benny Gantz, the opposition leader who has joined Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war cabinet, Blinken stressed the urgent need to take concrete steps to reduce tensions in the West Bank, including by addressing increasing levels of extremist settler violence, the spokesman said. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Matthew Miller said.

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