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A surprise winner has emerged in the European smartphone market in 2023: Motorolawhich In Italy it reached 12%.. Numbers not seen since the golden days of the brand, which is now part of Lenovo but still somewhat independently managed and which, in fact, had to be completely redone given that in Europe a few years ago the number of employees was reduced to the bone and the mark. Commercial brands are now almost unknown to younger audiences. Rise was built on two pillars: above all the low range (price under 200 and over 100 euros) and then with the premium series of foldable Razr devices. Motorola is now trying to make a move where it was still a little present, in the mid-range, high-end and premium segment: here is the new range Edge 50. Reaching the summit Edge 50 Ultramedium term Edge 50 Fusion the 'Edge 50 ProThis is what we have tried in recent weeks. Let's see how he performed.

The Edge 50 Pro clearly focuses on two levers. The first is designAnd attention to detail All-round elegance Which – beyond the tastes – is perceived from the first extraction of the box (where the fragrance is introduced: from memory it is the first time the sense of smell is involved in the marketing of an electronic product). Motorola did not abandon the curved edges of the screen, as many other manufacturers did after Apple: the Edge 50 Pro is Thin, elongatedIt holds well in the hand and highlights the colorful vegan leather on the back lavender. Despite its 6.7-inch screen, it is only 8.19 mm thick and weighs a scant 186 grams. Motorola has worked very well on the materials and the back no longer feels like plastic that wants to look like leather, but gives the feeling of real natural texture (the only doubts are regarding the durability of this material over the years for those who want to keep the smartphone for 36 months or more These periods are now completely unusual.) There is also a more sober black version and a special version with mother-of-pearl material called Moonlight pearl It was created in collaboration with the Italian design house Mazzucchelli 1849. It is worth noting that it is also present in the box Guarantee: Not the usual €1 clear cover that turns yellow after a couple of months, but a beautiful cover for the back (the sides remain exposed) and the lavender color is achieved with the clear plastic. Also good IP68 certified Resistant to dust and water.

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The aesthetic interest of the product can also be seen in the software, which is one of the most beautiful, complete and convincing software in the Android world. there Hello UI, this is how Motorola's graphic customization was renamed, taking into account the claim “Hello Moto”, it is interactive but at the same time very customizable and does not even have an excess of duplicate applications compared to Android applications of other interfaces: Application images Gallery example is Google Images. Plus, there is no shortage of them Good stuff from MotorolaFrom Ready to connect the Edge 50 Pro to an external display and activate desktop mode, to Thinkshield and Moto Secure for security, to Helpful personal gestures (Shaking the phone twice turns on the flashlight, twisting the wrist turns on the camera, etc.)
At the software level, the Motorola Edge 50 Pro arrives with Android 14 with 3 guaranteed updates

On the level hardware Instead, Motorola made some compromises on the Pro to cut costs, which doesn't happen with the Ultra. The device is powered by the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processorcombined with 12 GB of RAM LPDDR4X is expandable via RAM Boost function. Built-in storage up to 512 GB On UFS 2.2 (this is perhaps the least convincing detail and some slight lack of device interactivity can be noticed at times).
The presentation is a painting, very convincing, 6.7-inch POLED with a resolution of 2712 x 1220 (1220p), Refresh rate up to 144 HzHDR10+ technology and 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space.
there Drums One of the most positive aspects: 4500 mAh is not too much (after all, the phone is thin and lightweight) but the processor consumes very little (less than 2% in night standby) and in the package there is a very useful 125W turbo power supply: Charging, from empty to 100%, is completed in 18 minutes, which is a record. Wireless charging up to 50W is also good.
The Edge 50 Pro supports Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.4. The presence of two stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos tuning completes the picture.

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Cameras: Pantone brand

On the one hand there is design, we would say. Then there are the cameras. In the Edge 50 range, you should take a look at the Ultra if you want a true photographer's phone but the Pro also performs well although it's not flawless. Moto Edge 50 Pro It is the world's first smartphone capable of delivering Pantone-certified coloursfor all sensors and also for display: The goal of the Pantone Validated label is to cover the entire color gamut of the famous brand's catalog and at the same time accurately reproduce the complexion in images.
The rear compartment consists of a uAn excellent 50-megapixel main sensor With f/1.4 aperture, optical image stabilization and 2µm pixels thanks to Quad Pixel technology. The other two rooms are less performing: Ultra wide angle 13 MP with autofocus (also used for macros) and Telephoto 10MP with good 3x optical zoom and OIS stabilization. The front camera is also 50 megapixels with an f/1.9 lens aperture. Features include modes like portrait, macro, long exposure, and night vision.
In our tests Daytime shots are excellentFull of detail and well balanced colours. Dynamic range suffers a bit and HDR (which is automatic, can't be deactivated, while AI assist can be deactivated) can suffer when there are scenes with violent light contrasts. Night photos are a bit more ambiguous in results: they can be convincing but sometimes the shot falls short of expectations.
The 3X zoom is good, even in hybrid mode up to 6X. Malinois is rather broad. In general, the camera suffers from a certain delay when shooting, and it is strange that the frame shown in the preview is not the one obtained after processing the shot, which always has a few frames of lag.

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Carlo BarloccoCEO and General Manager of MBG Italy, comments on the new range of Corriere La Scelta Giusta: «Our route continues to evolve and evolve in Italy and is strengthening: GFK data as of February 2024 gives Motorola by 12.2%, an improvement compared to 12% in December 2023: in one year, we doubled our market share (in February 2023 we were at 5.9%) and have never achieved this result. We're in fourth place, and we're the third Android player
With the new edge 50 family, which combines cutting-edge technical specifications and the utmost attention to design, sustainability, comprehensiveness and durability, we want to position ourselves even more firmly in the high-end range. Moreover, we are working more and more on it Integration concept with Lenovo devices. With the new SW Smart Connect app, which integrates the Lenovo and Motorola ecosystems, a unified multi-device experience is enabled, allowing you to switch between tablets, PCs and smartphones seamlessly. release Moto shoots“Two new headphones with a modern design, the first launched by Motorola with Bose.”

Prices and availability in Italy

Motorola Edge 50 Ultra It will be offered for sale in Italy at a starting price of 999 euros In colors of forest grey, boreal wood and peach fuzz. The arrival date in Italy will be announced later.
Motorola Edge 50 Pro Available from April 16 to 699 euros In Black Beauty, Luxe Lavender and Moonlight Pearl. Motorola Edge 50 Fusion It will be offered for sale in Italy at a starting price of 449 euros In forest blue, hot pink, and marshmallow blue colors. The arrival date in Italy will be announced later. There is also a Trade In program for those who want to get a discount by returning their old phones to Motorola. Headphones Motorcycle Buds+ Instead cost 129.90 euroswhen i Motorcycle Buds €59.90.

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April 16, 2024

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