The clashes between Nicole Santinelli and Roberta of Padua are still ongoing

The clashes between Nicole Santinelli and Roberta of Padua are still ongoing

Today, Saturday 15 April 2023, the new episodes for men and women are recorded: let’s find out what happened from the previews given by Lorenzo Pugnaloni’s Instagram page.

Today, Saturday, April 15, 2023, new episodes of men and women: Let’s find out what happened progress Provided by the Instagram page of Lorenzo Bugnalone.

Men and women, Armando Incarnato still present, new clashes between Nicole and Roberta

Throne on previews:

Armando incarnate He was present at the registration, so the knight from Campania was not removed from the dating show. Paula has been having a close relationship with the knight who came down for her the last time and the lady bumps into him Gianni Sperti And also Armando who took action against her. jewel I dated a new knight named helium.

Classic throne predictions:

Nicole He made two outs. with Andrew Didn’t kiss her while with Carlo Yes. Roberta intervenes again and says that being outside with Carlo only makes sense for the contents the suitor brought and not for her brings nothing tangible but her physicality which always leads her to kiss the boy on duty. Nicole wanted to dance with Andrea but he refused. At that point it was Carlo who said that although he hadn’t chosen him to dance, he wanted to do it. They dance together. from Christian There was no talk and there wasn’t, Nicole didn’t go to bring it back.

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