Barrow attacks the authors and draws silk * on the balloon / chaos in Gf Vip

Barrow attacks the authors and draws silk * on the balloon / chaos in Gf Vip

Big brother vip 6, Barù Gaetani accused of vulgarity: It’s “Saddam”, in view of the final

Final Big Brother VIP 6 In Progress, scheduled for March 14, 2022 on Canale 5, and in the meantime Paro Jaitani He is the hero of a looming internal conflict over Game House, two television moments you see opposing the figure’s authors, with a director’s reprimand against him attached, intended to stigmatize a gesture deemed obscene to see. From the public’s point of view.

When there are only a few hours left before the last episode of the reality show – this Monday in mid-March 2022, which will decide the winner of the pre-eminent €100,000 prize money – the chef shows off his unmistakable rebellious side and at times off-line, in the midst of a festive atmosphere Who reigns on the eve of the “Grand Final” of forced coexistence at home. Bitterness breaks out between Barù and the TV authors when, at first, in the presence of the dignitaries – at the table – Barù mutes the direction of coordination to tailor competitors in a certain sense, for the mere purpose of seeing and to snatch records in terms of TV ratings. accusation That Delia Duran (First Finalist) is nipped in the bud, highlighting the importance of the authors’ role, aiming in her view on Givin’s personal growth, which will thus help “inward looking, self-improvement and self-discovery”. To chant it, in an opposing response to the chef, he is then directed by Mediaset, who abruptly blows off the festive carpet of songs in background music. But the “no” moments between Barrow and the director are far from over.

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Mediaset production asks competitors to give up their trips to the skies of Casa del Big Brother VIP 6, Balloons accompanied by dedications are made as desired. While the rest of the contestants leave romantic and top-secret messages, the chef returns to stand out with special design -which seems to want to be a continuation of “Protest” It was launched against the trend – and ends up irritating the public, especially the TV writers affiliated with the game’s Mediaset production. So much to go out -a Boomerang effectReprimand him live patriotically. In short, there seems to be no good blood between the productions of Chef and Mediaset.

Thus, a general question automatically arises among enthusiastic viewers of the game Vippos: what is Barrow risking, given the final Big Brother vip 6?

TV writers scolded Barrow, in Gf vip 6: Audience opinion divided

In detail, on the white balloon made available to him by the Mediaset production of the new game in the game intended to entertain the Mediaset audience, Barù Gaetani paints Male sexual organ. Gesture ready to enter the guidance of the elder brother, to the cry of “Barrow!” , amid thunderous, malicious laughter from the VIP House’s tenants, Delia Duran, Lolly Silesi and Sister Jessica Silesi.

Blame is certainly unheard of, so much so that the video he immortalizes on Instagram in some exclusive photos, and which buys social interactions on the web, is now going viral. “You’re a strong Paro, you’re funny, you’re the only one left to be the best… Come on Barrow”we read in the comments of support for the chef, who ended up in the crosshairs of the Internet, accusing him of “dirty design”. “Bad gf until the final”then an important user comments.

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Meanwhile, the bookmakers are betting on the paper winner in Gf vip 6, and there is a showdown between…

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