The elder brother, Birla’s ex, is ready to enter the house. Which is

The elder brother, Birla’s ex, is ready to enter the house.  Which is

Love triangle between Pearl FateroMirco Brunetti and Greta Rossetti It could expand soon. After what Alfonso Signorini announced in yesterday’s episode Greta’s imminent entry to Big brotherThings seem ready to get more complicated. In fact, according to a “rumor” spread by gossip expert Deianira Marzano, Pearl’s former flame He could soon become the new tenant of the house. It’s about to Luca Vetrona model and personal trainer known for her participation Celebrity Island 2023. Fatero clearly expressed his appreciation when he spoke with some of his reality show cast mates. Let’s see the details.

Big Brother, “rumours” about Luca Vetron’s possible entry

Now that Mirko Brunetti and Perla Fatero As they started to get closer, Big Brother decided to shuffle the cards and put everything into question. Next Saturday, as host Alfonso Signorini announced (gloatingly), Greta Rossetti will enter the house From Cinecittà with the clear intention of ruining the party for his ex-lover. In fact, the triangle that was created had such a huge ratings peak that the show’s writers wanted to ride the story In the most unscrupulous way maybe.

but The surprises may never end here. Because persistent “rumors” confirm (or almost confirm) that another contender will also enter the council. The suspect would be Luca Vetronprevious model Famous Island Who was in the past in a relationship with Perla Fatero. The gossip expert spread the rumor a while ago Deianira MarzanoShe received a strange report from one of her followers on Instagram: “Hi Dia, there are also rumors about Luca Vetron’s entry. It was yesterday He put together a story saying we’ll see him soonMaybe in Rome?

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However, Marzano did not lose her balance, and limited herself to reporting the report she received. But this proposal It really tickles the imagination of fans From the programme, since Perla expressed her appreciation for Vetrone quite clearly. “He’s definitely a nice guy“In the sense that I always liked him aesthetically,” Fatero admitted to some of the housemates, “actually, he’s a pretty boy, you could say that.” He’s my typical guy Aesthetically. “I also joked about it with Mirko…” “But I basically couldn’t unblock myself and let myself go,” Fateiro concluded. But things have changed now. And if Luca Vetron will enter the house soon, well, then the triangle between Mirko, Perla and Greta Risks of becoming irreparably entangled.

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