Black Apple crisis and panic among users: the company is forced to take action

Black Apple crisis and panic among users: the company is forced to take action
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The Cupertino company was forced to take action because of the economic crisis that hit it last year

Apple customers They begin to worry about the future of the company. Apparently Cupertino giant He also had to take action on directors’ salaries due to the crisis over revenue related to the latest iPhones launched in 2022.

According to some rumors, the company should have a multinational Cut off expected rewards For some managers, or whatever their delay, they will follow Other cost-cutting measures. Other rumors also suggested that Apple’s chief cloud officer, Michael Abbott, may leave his position in April.

This would be a really problematic loss for the company that would certainly have ramifications for the entire design and production process. To report all the news, the Bloomberg agency, which in turn quoted other sources according to them Even Apple was going to give away the new designations, Several vacancies left.

What’s going on at Apple, why do multinationals have to make cuts

Added to this, a series of resignations will bring many problems, including some of the senior managers. But why did Apple find itself in such a crisis that it had to curb spending while delaying bonuses and cutting costs?

Apparently, in addition to the general situation of the global economy, the giant was also affected by an internal crisis due to The iPhone 14 line, especially the iPhone 14 Plus, is flopping. Sales were nowhere near those estimated at launch.

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Sales issue related to the launch of the iPhone 14 Plus

All of this can be linked to many contributing causes, including for example the wiser spending of Westerners due to higher prices. But also the fact that the iPhone plus can be replaced by other top of the line like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but also more simply by the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The price of the iPhone 14 was exorbitant, as the 13 Pro Max can be bought for less than 300 euros with some technical defects compared to the 14 Plus, which is almost imperceptible. Then for €200 more, however, you can get the 14 Pro Max, top of the range well above the Plus.

In short, demanding Apple customers preferred other investments, but this year wiser than ever, they took a wide view of the second-hand market.. Now it will be difficult to understand the future of the company, there may also be downsizing news, But at this point there is no certainty and customers are annoyed in the forums.

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