“The Tailor’s Staircase” for Catalan sax and guitar from London

“The Tailor’s Staircase” for Catalan sax and guitar from London

“The Tailor’s Staircase” for Catalan sax and guitar from LondonAnuel Resclusa

For me 2019 London guitarist Chris Corcoran and Catalan saxophonist Dani Nilo They agreed to accompany the elder. Mike Sanchez On one of his tours. They had just met but connected through sharing a stage, and five years later, they were performing together Monday through Sunday. International Music Residency A The port From Gironawhich seems these days a Swing, R&B and Rock and RollThey agree that it is “intense,” but they are enjoying the “amazing” opportunity like children.

“In the music world, because of the industry and the instability, we are always practicing to make one He was“Recording, it’s very difficult to have time,” explains Nelo, a native of Barcelona, ​​“but here you suddenly have it and you can create.” In just two days (the band arrived on Tuesday) they had already composed four songs and Saturday They will present it in one. prom free entry Within the course Notes to the garden.

It will be at 8pm at Plaça de l’Om de Pont Majorwith a suggestion of high voltage. Those who approach him can expect the sounds of R&B music, a typical American style where both find that there can also be a “European way of doing things” and representing it. “Especially when you are musical instruments“Because you have this identity and you don’t have to sing,” Corcoran asserts. “Yes, we spend our lives listening to American music, but we make our own sound.

And these days, to do that, they have had to adapt to a range of Saxophone (Nello), guitar (Corcoran) and also drums (Anton Jarl) and organ (Victor Puertas). Those who are in harmony with them create everything perfectly, as Nilo says. Tailor’s drawer of musical pieces and Grooves». Background for everyone, in addition, provides a wide variety of rhythms.

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“Fresh” music.

They both think it would be a “shame” if he didn’t end up leaving the residence even if he did. mini album With these creations, which, at least, will be played twice more after the concert in Girona. Notes to the Garden are opened Three-show course Which is followed by Tarragona (July 14) and Sant Feliu de Llobregat (July 15).

The materials they will provide, in addition to being of high quality, will be “really new, Fresh bread“And that’s valuable, especially now that the process between when a song is born and when it hits the platforms or records or vinyl is so long,” says Nilo, who was excited about the whole thing. The desire to touch takes them to the blood, and Corcoran highlights “this.” element of improvisation It is always there and means that we never know how we will build alone and that each gig be different”.

The experience was clearly good for the two musicians who particularly appreciate music. La Marfà Initiative – Music Creativity Center“There are very few rooms in the country and it is the middle class that suffers the most,” confirms Nilo, who is familiar with the landscape.

In turn Chris Corcoran can’t imagine anything like this back home in the UK.“It’s great to be part of the idea of ​​helping musical and artistic creativity, which is very important,” the Briton comments, giving an example: “If we had to make this material without the facilities in La Marfa, it would be possible.” It takes months to get what we have now.”

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