Six Women – Layla’s Secret: Rai1’s new mystery series will be on air from February 28, 2023

Six Women – Layla’s Secret: Rai1’s new mystery series will be on air from February 28, 2023

Maya Sansa, Isabella Ferrari, Ivana Lotito and Denise Tantucci are four of the six women protagonists of the new TV series arriving on Rai1 from 28 February 2023. Coral’s story cuts through mystery to tell of a world made up of contemporary women and stories with multiple realities.

He was Apply todayAnd Thursday, February 23, 2023And Six Women – Secret Laylathe new Upcoming TV series In the Prime time from Rai1 from February 28, 2023. The supporters From the date of the new series with Rai1 FictionSix womenas the title says, interpreted by Maya SansaAnd Isabella FerrariAnd Ivana LotitoAnd Dennis Tantucci It is very young Christina Barco And Silvia Dina Basnet. With them Alessio VassalloAnd Maurice Lastreco And Pierre Giorgio BellocchioAnd The three accompanying men a Choral historyin which Yellow is intertwined with everyday life. they will be Three long eveningsfrom 100 minutes eachwho will say a A collection of stories with multiple facts.

Six Women – Layla’s Secret: the plot of the new BBC 1 TV series

the New appointment who awaits us on Rai1 from Tuesday, February 28, 2023He will take us To navigate between yellow and contemporary. Six Women – Secret LaylaAnd It’s a choral tale entrusted You are heroes for whom The stories will intertwine because of the mystery. there Layla’s disappearance Born in His stepfather is Gregoriothey will pay The Prime Minister of Taranto, Anna Conteto defy time and space solve the puzzle This will sound Too much involvement. to help her In his search there will be Emmanuela Young but not inexperienced inspector, who would be the only adult male presence Anna would want to accept in her life, given her recent disappointment with her husband, Roberto, who had fallen in love with another woman – much younger than himself – and had just left home. She will be led by her investigations, her thirst for truth, and the difficulties of her personal life Back to an old habitwhich he thought had abandoned him as well To meet five other womenLike her He is looking for a ransom, of a mistake, misstep, or simply having more complex than they would like. With these female characters It will build a clear relationship and sometimes discordant, in which the line between right and wrong is so thin as to prevent anyone, even Anna’s nose, from understanding where the lie is and where the sincerity is, in a case that seems little more than the disappearance of considered choice and voluntary departure.
Unconvincing and sometimes conflicting confessions and testimonies will make the task difficult for Anna, who – like all her new companions – will understand how much You can’t take anything in life for granted And how difficult it is to be an adult when dealing with adolescents, or with those young people who are no longer children and who approach a world that perhaps adults do not know very well.

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Six Women – Layla’s Secret: A psychological thriller that tells the story of the contemporary world

there New TV series in Three episodeswhich We’ll see you live starting February 28, 2023And It is a psychological thriller that Weaves puzzles and contemporary. Six Women – Secret Laylaa clear structure was born Bringing a mysterious plot to television who investigates not only the mysterious disappearance but also the The complex psychology of women today. in one Horizontal crime storytelling story intersect Choir of Six HeroesThey differ from each other with a complex story behind them with bugs that need to be fixed. In order to undertake this introspective journey, IBC Movie in association with Rai Fiction decided to pursue the powerful ambition of Bring cinema and its writings In the TV world; from here Achieving loops every hundred minutes. That’s why Commissioning selection to Vincent Marathe acclaimed film director, the task of leading a large team in this “experiment” to tell the contemporary female universe, divided between fragility and courage, determination and limitations and freedom.

Six Women – Sir Laila: Six women are the protagonists of the new TV series Rai1

As the title suggests, Six Women – Secret LaylaHe sees the supporters Six women today, One is different from the other, easy to think of. I am Contemporary Female Figurescommitted to navigating between freedom and restrictions but also between hate and love, Starting with Anna, the first voice to speak. there PM TarantoAnd Played by Maya Sansathat it woman in one piece. But this big it is It was built to overcome severe painwho she doesn’t quite get over, and who falls for her again when she finds out about Lila’s disappearance. Anna must fight to Tear down those walls again that over time He rose Which prevents her from having a peaceful and calm dialogue with herself and with the other characters she meets along the way. And he will find many, for example ViolaAnd Played by Isabella FerrariOne Close to curious looking But who hides one Painful and dark wound to make her feel inadequate; or Michaelathe Lila’s aunt was played by Ivana LolitoOne mysterious womanwhich He didn’t seem to want to tell the whole truth about himself because she is afraid of what they might say and think of her; or AlexiaAnd Leila’s school athletics teacher is played by Denise Tantucciwith many aspects and with different facets, private and professional; or Aishathe Cristina Barco played Lily’s best friendsmart girl and protect her familywho almost forgets the delicacy of her age and tries to return after the world collapsed on her.
And then there LaylaAnd vanishementgirl He has to fight with his demons and with The loss of a family member And that she may have decided to leave a world that is now close to her. Each of them, during the three episodes, will have the opportunity to tell and reveal themselves.

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but Let’s not forget the male characters that It will not just be a corollary for this novel. For example EmmanuelAnd Played by Alessio Vassallowill be found in Cooperate with Anna without wanting to And they will have to Breaking down the relational wall Which the Prime Minister built around himself. To do that He will have to sacrifice his paradoxes But also his private lifewho was in good shape considering the impending wedding with his partner.

Six Women – Secret Layla He goes Aired from February 28, 2023 in early evening on opinion 1.

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