The cheapest and best alternative to the Toyota Land Cruiser that you can’t buy in Spain

The cheapest and best alternative to the Toyota Land Cruiser that you can’t buy in Spain

You don’t have to be an off-road fan to know that Toyota Land Cruiser It is quite a reference in this category. Although it is true that it is definitely not a comparable model on the market given its condition mercedes g class, Among other things, since the German model is one of the best in its class, the Japanese model has been a reference for several decades and one of those models that, generation after generation, end up proving the brand at the sales level.

A model that has also just launched a new generation that arrives with a more than noticeable change. I go to the design but with the same arguments as always: extraordinary off-road capabilities, sufficient power and comfort to make this model also an option for day-to-day use, the reliability of the Japanese brand and a level of technology that promises Also very high.

The problem in this case is that, as fans of this model know well, this new generation is not exactly a cheap option. In fact in Spain it exceeds 70,000 euros In the case of the absolutely basic version, whose starting price in the United States, its main market, exceeds its price $55,000.

Toyota has a “low-cost” Land Cruiser.

It is specifically United State The Japanese brand also recently introduced the new generation of the model that many know as a type of… Land Cruiser In a low cost version. It’s just a popular one 4runnera model with a starting price of around $40,000, and therefore a truly more attractive option in terms of price.

The best thing about this case is that even though it is a much cheaper model, it shares the platform with it Land Cruiser In addition, there are some versions that have nothing to envy their bigger brother in terms of off-road capabilities. While it is true that it is a model designed more for difficult roads than for everyday comfort in big cities, with more than 115,000 sales per year, it is one of the best-selling models in the world. Toyota like States Units.

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For this reason, there are quite a few who have been complaining for years to the Japanese brand, which has also decided to put this model on sale in Europe, something that is not part of the plans at the moment. Toyota.

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