Tony Carawani’s little daughter spontaneously comes out of the house on TV3: Adorable

Tony Carawani’s little daughter spontaneously comes out of the house on TV3: Adorable

TV3 Talk about the big days: European Cup final for Barcelona, ​​Sant Jordi, La Marato on TV3 or Election trip The entire series is in service of one goal: to take the pulse of the country live and be the leaders of the audience. Catalans experience four types of election days: municipal elections, general elections, European elections which take place within a month, on June 9, and, most importantly, Election Day. Catalonia Parliament elections. For TV3, this is a great day because citizens vote for the future Head of the General State And the distribution of concerts that will decide the lives of Catalans and that they want to watch on TV3. On May 12, early elections brought together TV3 with the old channel. They all planned to premiere the new groups of Telenotícies on October 28, as EN Blau first revealed, and the elections were scheduled to take place in February 2025, four years after the last elections. But President Aragonés ran out of support and had to advance them for nine months. TV3 will have to do Election Day with the old sets but with the featured presenters: Tony Croanis and Ariadna Ultra.

Special Election TV3

And in the morning elections for leadership Marta Carreras and Perry BushTV3 wanted to contact the presenters of the evening program they were on before lunch in his home. It was an endearing moment, typical of TV3, which contributed nothing to Election Day but brought its star broadcasters closer to the viewer. We have seen the home Ariadna Oltra, married to TV3 cameraman Texos Navarro and mother of two minor children, home to Tony Croanis, married to an ERC-listed candidate, Eugenie Villalbé, and parents to two children, Elias and Joanna, aged 9 and 5. The role of the Croanis’ children has been essential.

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Ariadna Ultra at home, TV3

Tony Croanes at Home, TV3

Ariadna Ultra Comfortable, with and without glasses, with a neutral background of books on a bookshelf. A box we have become accustomed to seeing during the pandemic, where all the guests and many presenters appeared on television from their homes. Croanes, who was always closer, opened the plan and showed how it was over the bed A pile of clothes from his eldest son Elias, which had to fit into a backpack because he leaves the camps with school on Monday. Cruanyes or the secret of being cool. At some point in the double call, Krawanis was heard calling for his children “Please go there.” Marta Carreras pussy: “We heard please go there?”. Bruises: “Yes, life goes on and tomorrow morning my son will go to camp. We are packing our bags and I took them out of the room and when I said that on TV, they both said they wanted to come here and I told them to hide.” At that moment, little Joanna stuck her head out from behind the bed and shouted Bear Bush Mira Mira. This is the maximum for Joanna Croanes Villalby:

Tony Croanis and his daughter Joanna TV3

This is the video Moment:

Goodbye Cronies :”I hope the camps go well.” The presenter of the TN Vespre program follows the funny moment: “We will enjoy them all, those who are gone and those of us who remain.”. He obviously has some kids who are pranksters, or gossipers like good journalists. The moment that already exists TV3 historyLike those kids who went on air during the pandemic communicating with their parents who are professors and experts or like that time Raquel Sansan expert in the United States, is connected with the morning From his house his young son appeared. The photo is very similar to the one we just saw with Cronaes and Joanna:

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Raquel Sans’s son enters live on TV3

TV3 star children are just like their parents: inquisitive, inquisitive and sassy. Catalonia votes for Coronais.

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