Seizures from Milan to Padua

Seizures from Milan to Padua

PAPA – Friday the 17th. For centuries, superstitious people have wished they could skip these “ill-fated” dates. And perhaps, in hindsight, it is possible that users will Cryptocurrency investment site “The longest-lived in the world.” The Rock TradingIt is an all-Italian company Sila Bankwhich was founded by Padawan David Barbieri Known as the pseudonymHello Barbarossa“- with the Genoese Andrea Midry In 2007, on Friday February 17th alone, it made the wrists of an undetermined number of people shiver. investorsdeclaring that he has Stop the process due to “difficulties in managing liquidity”.
The situation became even more alarming yesterday when the Milanese financial police ran out Searches In full blast of crime hypotheses scam And embezzlementfor which only Medri is currently under investigation.

At the request of the Milanese magistrates, the financiers of the Milanese Economic and Financial Police Unit and the Special Currency Police Unit carried out search, seizure and document acquisition orders not only in Padua but also in the Milan and Genoa offices. The homes of the founders were also searched. It also conducts financial investigations with a view to ascertaining the liquidity management by the company, as well as the destination of the amounts collected.

This is because on February 17, the company, without providing proper justification, suspended the operation of the platform, effectively preventing customers from accessing their digital assets.

Targeted checks were immediately activated which – thanks to the assistance of the IT-crime team of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office – revealed, in addition to obstruction of operations, a break in relations with the National Credit Institution which, since the creation of the company, has provided the platform with the account relations through which it operates, As well as some violations related to the correct preparation of financial statements by the company. The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, led by Marcello Viola, proceeds to investigate possible computer crimes and to check the possible composition of corporate crimes.

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TRT traces its history back to the entrepreneurs themselves in 2007, as “The Rock Insurance Co.” , when the Metaverse didn’t exist yet, but there was its predecessor: Second Life. The first bitcoin was traded on Trt in June 2011, on the other hand, the company’s Maltese brackets are not given much importance. But now that doesn’t really matter anymore because the date falls apart with the activities suddenly stopped. To tell the truth, the first alarm was already raised in September 2021, when OneDime, which provides services to Trt, suffered a cyberattack that caused the subtraction from the Trt omnibus account of 311.06 ethereum estimated on that date at 904 thousand euros. The theft was reported on September 10, 2021 to the Veneto Postal Police. At the beginning of January, there was a consensual decision with Banca Sella, for which Trt had a support operating account. Finally, in recent days, a cold shower. A small flash appeared on the main screen of the website: “TRT announces that it has become necessary to interrupt operations of its platform as of today’s date due to difficulties it has encountered in managing liquidity. The company is conducting internal checks to determine the causes of the problem and assessing the adoption of all appropriate or necessary initiatives to protect customers and stakeholders others. Further updates on measures taken will be provided quickly.”

Within hours, the company also shut down connections in the users’ Telegram group. However, investors have already organized themselves into a second Telegram group titled “Legal Protection” which suggests that there are also class-action lawsuits under consideration: they will be 34k. Among them are those who remember that “the devil is in the details”: the press release speaks of an “interruption” rather than a “temporary outage”. This makes blood flow in thousands of Italian investors.

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