The Leroy Merlin has a glued headboard

The Leroy Merlin has a glued headboard

New trends in interior design arrive at Leroy Merlin It will allow you to give your room a different look from now on. Bow design designed to be tucked behind the bed, in neutral colors and easy to put on and take off.

Leroy Merlín self-adhesive design says goodbye to painting

Forget bad odors in your room or disasters when painting, thanks to this self-adhesive design that easily attaches to the wall, it transforms your room into a warm and elegant place.

We are talking about the design of the brackets that create a painted effect that adheres to the wall thanks to its material and creates a charming background for the bed, making it appear much wider and with a relaxing effect.

You can buy it now from Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin's Arc

A product that has been manufactured using sustainable processes ever since, and is easy to install Ink used To give it color of environmental origin, which makes it even more tempting. It is flexible and lightweight, so you don't have to worry about it lifting or falling unexpectedly.

It has become the best option for placing as a headboard for your bed if you don't have one, but the uses are endless, since These arches can be a perfect addition to your hallLiving room and can even be placed on a shower wall, since its materials are moisture-resistant, with a water-resistant finish so liquids are not a problem.

They can remain attached to concrete and tile walls, and always stay in place. I already found these brackets It's called MOTIF and is made of vinyl for a beautiful look and feel.

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In order for its installation to be more efficient, it is recommended that the wall be in good condition, without marks or cracks, and you must also ensure that it is dry, free of dust or grease so that it sticks more easily.

The dimensions of the main bracket are 170 x 132 cm, so it easily fits into walls of different sizes. Its price is available now and is 29.99 euros.

You can buy it now from Leroy Merlin

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