It’s ‘time’ to see who arrives and when

It’s ‘time’ to see who arrives and when

Fuel bonus, we find out all the news from the government to stop gasoline threatening to reach 3 euros per liter.

Gilberto Piccito, Deputy Minister of Economic Development He predicted the draft measures capable of preventing the increase of gasoline and diesel. Let’s see what it is.

Road transport companies and consumer protection associations are putting strong pressure on the government to release the fuel bonus. Indeed, after the war in Ukraine, according to many analysts, gasoline will reach 3 euros per liter. This means an unprecedented blow to families and road transport carriers from the dangers of a real freight mass. We are already seeing the effects of freezing goods in different parts of Italy, where supermarkets are empty.

New government action: VIPs

This is still an incomplete phenomenon, but if gasoline actually reaches 3 euros per liter, then the risk of blocking charging will be real. So the pressure on the government to get a fuel voucher is very strong. According to Piccito, the measure could cost the government between one and one and a half billion euros. Certainly the government will have to move in this direction even if it is not currently clear how this bonus could work.

Here’s who to go to

According to some, the rewards model can be traced to electricity and gas bills. Recall that social reward on bills It can only be received by those who have an ISEE within 8000€ or also by those families who have an ISEE within 20,000€ but have at least 4 dependent children. The bonus can also be billed by the recipients of citizenship income and citizenship pension. The new fuel meter the government is considering is likely to focus on less affluent families and those who need a car to work.

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It is also very likely that It will be the carriers who will benefit most of the amount because it is clear that the government wants to avoid the risks of shipping bans Which would then cascade all citizens. However, for now we are only talking about assumptions because the only indiscretion that has really been confirmed is the additional revenue for the state treasury that will actually swing between one and a half billion. But there is now a lot of tension between the road carriers.

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