A famous fortune teller reveals the winning number in the Christmas lottery, find out!

A famous fortune teller reveals the winning number in the Christmas lottery, find out!

Mr. João gives the “winning combination” of Christmas “El Gordo”.European press

Every day what is desired and expected is closer Christmas lottery draw. Do you have your winning numbers yet? How much did you buy this year? If, on the other hand, You’re not a fan the lotteryMaybe this article will interest you. Mr. Joao has revealed The winning group from the national lottery on December 22, 2023.

Joao and his family were indeed lucky enough To win one of the major lottery prizes on two occasionsThanks to his predictions. This time though I decided to share the winning combination with all my viewersTo see if they are lucky and can get it “El Gordo” Nadal.

So, next December 22, tune in to Televisió Española because maybe the kids of Sant Ildefonso will sing your number at the Teatre Reial de Madrid.

When choosing a Christmas tithe, we usually do so On our designated dates. Moreover, for sure We buy tithes in business or stocks sold by friends and family. So, we definitely have a good repertoire of numbers. but, How do you know if they will be granted?

The winning number in the Christmas lottery

Seconds ChatGPT(Artificial Intelligence) There is already a winning number, which will be 03695 or 02695 In case of a tie in the second thousandth position between 2 and 3. The AI ​​system made this assumption because it made Various mathematical calculations: 0 was the number most frequently in first place in the draw and The 9th has never come out on top. exactly, The number 0 rose 64 times to rank tenth.

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but, According to Mr. Joao, the winning number will be 03261. To make this bet, what he did was put all the numbers from 0 to 9 and then put yes or no. This decides it The pendulum with its movement. In order to confirm this, use a yes or no counter.

Mr. Joao predicts the winning number in the Christmas lottery

Mr. João revealed the winning combination live on Zapeando

So, Luck is in the airNow we just have to wait for his arrival Draw day Christmas lottery. The truth is that the lottery is not a matter of artificial intelligence or clairvoyance. The lottery is a matter of luckWe Invited Let the magic of Christmas surprise us! If not, you already know what the potential winning numbers are “El Gordo” by Nadal. Type!

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