Margaret of Denmark is queen again, and Frederick X and Mary are ruining the country

Margaret of Denmark is queen again, and Frederick X and Mary are ruining the country

If ever there was a European monarchy holding the tongs, it's it Denmark. Well, who says tweezers says 83-year-old lady, queen for 52 years who had to hand over the crown to save her from the scandal of her son and heir's infidelity: let's talk about… Margarida II And from Frederick X. The Scandinavian country is deeply royal, but famous photos with Genoveva Casanova in Madrid shook the foundations of the booth. That is why the Queen Mother sacrificed herself, breaking with the millennium tradition of not abdicating, and buying the silence of Mary Donaldson, the wronged wife of the then Prince, and the mother of his grandchildren. On 31 December, Margarida announced in surprise that she would fold up the certificate and pass it to Frederick. January 14 was the coronation, tense, delusional, and with hidden messages. Hey Colbrot.

Okay, so we don't Not a month of rule, as Frederick and Mary have said enough. Being a royal is exhausting, especially when you have a lot of crap under the rug and have to spend your day pretending to be in parallel universes. The fact is that the royal couple I've had sex in the field. Vacation after 28 working days. That means being king, and the rest… Oh, but who gave birth to the dead? Well, mother, grandmother, old woman. The firefighter of the Kingdom of Glücksburgs, who maybe one day will smoke again or go to the coffin. They don't leave her alone, you.

Marie, Frederick and Margarida / GTRES

Frederick X and Mary of Denmark, with their four children, took advantage of the interruption of school Winter holidays To move away from their fields. From royalty to VIP tourists a SwissIn Elite Verbier. They have a villa there that must be worth a fortune, which has caused a stir in the country because of the royal family's private and hidden heritage. There they take refuge from the usual rumors about their personalities, Rumors of crisisDiscoveries and hidden messages. Even from the new national chivares, e.g The huge expenses for his coronation. If he had been a king who had not been so controversial or stigmatized for adultery, no one in Copenhagen would have talked about the party bill. And look, she was relatively discreet, not suitable for many parties. Well, Frederic, who could be “El Bro,” was not saved that way.

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Frederick X's Kiss of Mary/EFE

Naturally, the absence of the current kings created a small anomaly in the existing order Queen Margaret has been appointed head of state for the first time since handing over to her son. Ironies of fate. If their relationship ended in marriage and neither of them decided to return to Denmark, we would have the perfect circular. Daisy in the starting square, and the runaway royal couple, Genoveva Where are you. Fantasy.

Genoveva Casanova / GTRES

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