New Peugeot 208 2023-2024 Unprecedented previews on the renewal of the city car (the best-selling car in Europe)

New Peugeot 208 2023-2024 Unprecedented previews on the renewal of the city car (the best-selling car in Europe)

in 2022, Peugeot 208 It reached the number one spot as the best-selling car in Europe, overtaking the Volkswagen Golf. This result is a success for the French automaker, highlighting the strategic importance of this city car. With the upcoming restyling approaching, the brand is committed to improving the aesthetics and enriching the standard equipment.

During a recent road test session, A.J Prototype facelift. Although camouflage is found on both the front and rear of the vehicle in spy photos, we can still expect some new features to be introduced with this update, which is expected to be released this summer. Let’s evaluate:

  • Interesting new details about the Peugeot 208 2023-2024
  • New Peugeot 208 2023-2024: very high expectations

Interesting new details about the Peugeot 208 2023-2024

Despite the films that camouflage them, we can notice some of them An interesting detail of the new design Peugeot 208 2023-2024. The front will be redesigned, with elements derived from the 2008 redesign being introduced, such as the light clusters featuring three LED vertical bars. The rear will also undergo minor modifications, with new headlight graphics.

Spy photos also show foil-covered alloy wheels, typical of facelifts, which could feature a new design. In particular, for the electric version of 208The alloy wheels will have a special design to improve aerodynamics. With the facelift, Peugeot could also offer new body color options. Some of the photos show the car being charged, and the presence of the letter E on the body clearly indicates that it is the electric variant of the e-208.

As for the cabin, the photos show the property cockpit peugeot i, which will likely receive an infotainment update. New upholstery could be introduced with the facelift. As for the engines, there are no major changes. In the current electric version, a new 115 kW powertrain has already been introduced, which is powered by a 54 kWh battery. The range of internal combustion engines can be expanded with the introduction of a new mild hybrid unit with 136 hp. It remains to wait for more details about the release of the restyling Peugeot 208. The expected price is just under 20,000 euros.

New Peugeot 208 2023-2024: very high expectations

Peugeot e-208, th An all-electric version of the French brand’s small car, by adopting the same engine found in the Peugeot e-308. This new engine delivers 156hp and 260Nm of torque, which is a 15% increase over the previous unit’s 136hp. Range has also been improved, now up to 400km on the WLTP cycle, an improvement of 10.5%. This result is made possible by the power consumption of 12 kWh per 100 kilometres. The electrical unit is powered by a new 400-volt battery with a total capacity of 51 kWh.

Peugeot e-208 It features several improvements, including a new heat pump combined with a hygrometer sensor at the top of the windshield. This system increases the efficiency of cabin heating and cooling. The information provided by the sensor allows for more precise control of indoor air circulation, thus conserving battery power during the heating and temperature maintenance phases. the Class A+ tires, which has low rolling resistance, contributes positively to the vehicle’s range. The implemented gearbox reduction ensures a greater range during road and motorway excursions.

To further improve range, the driver can select one of three available driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. These modes allow you to prioritize autonomy or performance according to user preferences. Furthermore, by activating the brake mode, the user can increase energy recovery by increasing deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released, thus benefiting from regenerative braking.

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