The American Consul concludes a tour of institutions visits. “Strong relations with Molise”

The American Consul concludes a tour of institutions visits.  “Strong relations with Molise”

The US Consul General, Tracy Roberts Pounds, visited yesterday in Molise, President of the District as well as Campobasso Province.

President Thomas spoke of “strong and future relations” with the United States of America. The formal meeting took place this afternoon and concluded the visit of US Consul General in Naples Tracy Roberts Pounds to Molise.

The diplomat was greeted at the Vitale Palace by President Thomas, with whom she budgeted the two-day visit to Molise, the first Italian region she has visited since taking up her new important position three months ago. “I thank President Thoma for his warm welcome,” he said. “On my first institutional visit to Molise, I emphasized the strong family, cultural, and economic ties that bind the United States to this region. We will continue to collaborate to achieve long-term goals beginning with the growth of our economies.”

President Thoma said: “Relations with the United States are relations of friendship and brotherhood. The Consul’s visit was especially welcome, a fruitful and useful meeting to strengthen the relationship of mutual rapprochement rooted in history. We will continue to share our impressions on how to improve synergies from an economic, social and tourism point of view.”

At the end of the visit, President Thoma US Consul General Tracy Roberts Pounds hailed a book on the archeology, landscape and nature of Molise, published by L’Orbicolare, and a bronze medal that evokes the history and symbols of Molise. Molise. The courtesy American Consul Honor has brought back a beautiful photographic book that depicts, on stage or behind the scenes, some of the greatest American jazz musicians of the 20th century.

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Also this afternoon, prior to the meeting at the Vitale Palace, the Vice-Governor of Campobasso, Elvira Nozolo, was visited by the Consul at a meeting held at the Government House in Campobasso.

The Consul, with extensive experience in diplomacy and foreign policy, was received in the representative residences of the province where he was able to appreciate the frescoes in the Hall of Honor and the residences where the King also resided in 1905. Italy Vittorio Emanuele III.

The meeting, which was characterized by great cordiality, was an opportunity for a fruitful dialogue on issues of general interest that bind the two countries. The Deputy Consul General also thanked, on behalf of the law enforcement agencies present on the occasion, for the welcoming visit which strengthens the solid relations between Molise and the United States and is a reason to encourage the search for new beneficial channels of cooperation. To further develop relations between the state of Campobasso and the US Consulate General.

In particular, the county’s excellent cooperative relations in the area of ​​reunification, citizenship, and document legalization were emphasized, and assurances were given of a small American community in the county with about 30 presences, mostly women, generally well integrated in This regional context.

The Deputy then thanked the Consul General also for the important institutional relations between the University of Campobasso and all the institutions of New York, since the University has 9 accommodations in the residence “College Italia”. Accommodations are actually reserved for students, professors, researchers, and administrative technical staff of the University of Molise who intend to undertake an internship, study or research period at universities, institutions, or public or private bodies, based in New York. Continuing cultural exchange also provides opportunities for study, research and education for Italian and American citizens through scholarships.

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Expressing his deep appreciation for the commitment made so far, the Consul General expressed his hope to intensify cooperation for the benefit of the two conferees with particular attention to initiatives targeting youth, culture and sports.

The visit ended with a mutual commitment to other future forms of cooperation in the hope of cooperation to further strengthen relations between the two countries and support processes of understanding in various sectors for cultural, social and economic development, favoring more moments of comparison and sharing. .

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