March 25, 2023

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WSJ, USA will buy weapons for Ukraine – the world from South Korea

The United States will buy artillery shells destined for Ukraine from South Korea. This was revealed by US officials to the Wall Street Journal. This is an unprecedented fact, a sign of Washington’s difficulty in finding weapons to help Kyiv in the war against Russia. According to sources, the United States will purchase 100,000 rounds of 155 mm caliber, which is enough to supply the Ukrainian forces for several weeks.
Arms purchased from South Korea will allow the United States to continue helping Ukraine without withdrawing more of its arms reserves. Just a few hours ago, the Biden administration announced a new $400 million package and, since the start of the Russian invasion last February, has sent $18 billion in military aid. The sources added that the stockpile of 155 mm artillery shells fell last August to levels that “raised concern” of the Pentagon. The agreement with Seoul was reached in early November by South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong Sub and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

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