North Korea | The missile was tested a few hours before the Security Council meeting

(Seoul) Just hours before the Emergency Security Council meeting in Washington, Paris and London, North Korea tested a “newly developed” anti-aircraft missile on Thursday.

“The People’s Republic of North Korea conducted a test fire on a recently developed anti-aircraft missile on September 30,” the North Korean company KCNA announced Friday.

The official agency said the missile’s “significant combat performance” was verified by the introduction of new key technologies.

The photo of the missile was published in the official journal Rodang Chinmun.

With the approach of the Security Council meeting expected on Friday to accurately discuss Pyongyang’s previous missile attack, delivered as a hypersonic by the North Koreans, this new shooting has a provocative air.

Photo by KCNA, via Tenants

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

The emergency meeting was scheduled for Thursday, but was postponed to Friday at the request of China and Russia.

In 2017, at the initiative of the Donald Trump administration, the Security Council adopted tough sanctions against Pyongyang after nuclear tests and missile tests.

Since Joe Biden’s administration took office, Pyongyang has returned to France, a little isolated, to line up to demand a closed meeting of the Security Council when it conducts a missile test.

On Monday, after North Korea’s missile launch, North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations, Kim Jong Un, met with the annual UN.

But unlike the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blingen, North Korea supports “instability and insecurity.”

“Recurring Violations”

Speaking to reporters during the debate in Pittsburgh, the Secretary of State said:

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday turned down a US offer to negotiate, accusing President Joe Biden of continuing the “hostile actions” of his predecessors, which Washington immediately denied.

The United States has not been able to confirm that the North Korean missile is hypersonic, which could lead to a major technological breakthrough because hypersonic missiles are capable of reaching five times its speed.

“We are evaluating and analyzing the scenarios,” the US Secretary of State explained, “to understand exactly what they did and the technology they used.”

With this new shoot on Thursday, Pyongyang is trying to blow up the trunk and “be on the international scene,” said researcher Ahn Chan-il, a former North Korean exile.

South Korean President Moon Jae-e recently reiterated his calls for a formal declaration of an end to the Korean War – a ceasefire ended in 1953 with a simpler ceasefire than a normal peace agreement.

With its continued firing, Pyongyang promises to “buy the time and use the best opportunity to end Seoul’s proposal and end the war, and make the best use of Washington’s opportunity to speak out without preconditions,” Ahn Chan assured.

The Biden administration has repeatedly said it is ready to resume talks unconditionally as North Korea calls for an end to tough sanctions.

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