Antitrust, 1.5 million fine on Vinted: ‘Incorrect promotion methods’

Antitrust, 1.5 million fine on Vinted: ‘Incorrect promotion methods’

Milan – L ‘Antitrust An investigation was concluded against the company Vinted UAB By imposing a fine of 1.5 million euros for “incorrect ways of promoting the buying and selling platform”. It can be read in a note explaining that the costs of buying and selling and the actual price of products marketed online ended up under the lens. According to the antitrust authority, Vinted spread misleading information about the true costs of business transactions based on free buy and sell transactions and the absence of commissions.

According to the antitrust body, Vinted has transmitted – through various advertising media – “allegations emphatically focused on free buying and selling transactions and the absence of commissions. However, the company failed to indicate clearly and transparently, from the moment of the initial “ad hook”, the existence of additional costs to consumers in connection with Relates to the purchase price of the product, linked to the application of the Purchase Protection commission and shipping costs.

The authority also verified the deception of methods for predicting the actual price of products marketed on the platform, “where Vinted did not clearly and completely indicate, from the beginning of the purchase process, that is, on the search results / catalog page (home page), the actual price of the advertised item, the presence and extent of The commission required from customers for each purchase made on the platform and shipping costs.”

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The improper conduct, implemented by Vinted starting at least December 2020, is improper trading practice pursuant to Sections 20, 21 and 22 of the Consumer Code, as it is capable of deceiving consumers about the methods and costs of actionable trades on the platform, thereby inducing them to Deciding to purchase a product on the website would not have been made otherwise. The company concludes the memo by “communicating with the initiatives taken to overcome the critical aspects highlighted by the authority’s decision within 60 days from the date of the notification.”

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