Mandatory vaccination: More than 150 hospital staff in Texas have been laid off or fired

A spokesman for the facility said more than 150 staff at one of Texas’ largest hospitals had been laid off or resigned for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Houston Methodist Hospital certified its staff for their vaccine until June 7, the minimum first dose. An internal note, the reviewer will be suspended for two weeks without pay and then dismissed.

The agency’s spokesman Gale Smith told AFP on Tuesday that 153 employees “may have resigned during the two-week suspension or were fired today.”

“Employees who complied during the suspension period (with the order) returned to work the day after they complied,” he added.

Employees complained to the hospital believing the duty of vaccines was illegal because these vaccines were only approved by U.S. health officials as part of an emergency use procedure.

The complaint was dismissed by a judge who said vaccine safety was not in question.

The magistrate also pointed out the analogies made by the plaintiff, Jennifer Bridges, who was at the forefront of the system, with human medical guinea pigs in the prosecutor camps.

He complained of being threatened with dismissal for refusing to be vaccinated for “compulsory medical examinations during the Holocaust.”

“It is reprehensible to condemn the need for injections for medical examinations in concentration camps,” Judge Lynn Hughes insisted.

M.S., who lost his job. Bridges told the AFP on Tuesday that 70 people would join the case.

“We want the Methodist Hospital to be held accountable for its actions,” he said.

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“I chose not to get this injection because the risks are too high for me. I have personally seen side effects in staff and patients. Headaches, blood clots, strokes and even death,” she said.

Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world, and a vast neighborhood that includes hospitals and research centers. The center employs a total of 106,000 nursing staff and receives approximately 10 million patients a year.

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