Behind Will Smith’s Old Rust Slap with Chris Rock-

Behind Will Smith’s Old Rust Slap with Chris Rock-
to Elisa Messina

Other than old friends. This wasn’t the first time the comedian had joked about Jada Pinkett, the actor’s wife. Meanwhile, on social media and on TV, controversy rages between those defending Smith and those calling for the Oscar to be withdrawn.

It appears to be an off-text gesture. So The New York Times set this morning The slap that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock During the Academy Awards livestream after the actor joked (unfortunate, it has to be said) about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss. Apparently: a circumstance that looms with suspicion and sparks debate, at least in American social networks and in morning television conversations. Something to talk about, after the release of the Oscars it’s judged by many One of the worst ever. The impending fight between Smith and Rock was a gag planned by two old friends to mark the evening or to meet In the historical emergency list Happened over the years on academic night? Commentators, reporters and influencers warm up watching the video of the aggression scene in intervals, analyzing Smith and Pinkett’s facial expressions, as well as those of their neighbors to understand if something is under them: he, Will, who initially laughs at the joke, while his wife closes her eyes, One of the arguments of Will Smith supporters did everything himself. While Will and Jada are relaxed Dancing wildly at the next Vanity Fair party
which I read, say, the British Daily Mail, as evidence that it was a drama.

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Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth! It was the joke – which Smith repeated twice – that followed the slap (at that moment American television cut the sound). After the makeover, the actor really was, so much so that Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper rushed to comfort him. While the other stars, around her, opened their eyes in disbelief. Looking at Lupita Nyong’o’s face is believable. If they are explanations, they deserve an Oscar.

There are other background stories that help shed some light on the facts: Behind Smith’s attack on Rock, in fact, It also hides old rust. In 2016, also during the night of the Academy Awards, Rock referred to Mrs. Smith in his opening monologue. Jada Smith decided to boycott the awards show after her husband was disqualified from the nominations to play Concussion. Jada interrupted the Oscars like I interrupted Rihanna’s pants: I didn’t get an invite! Rock said. Nor did he make an exception for his friend Will Smith: It’s not fair that Will wasn’t nominated, which is pretty good. But it’s also unfair that Will took $20 million for Wild Wild West in reference to the failed film with which the star had a record-breaking performance. There is more. Two years later, when Smith on Instagram gave his ex-wife Sherry Zampino an Aguri birthday, Rock commented: Wow. You have a very understanding wife. Snappy rock comedy but there seems to be a rage here.

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Not only that: The powerful and open stature of Smith and Pinkett, one of the most powerful and influential figures in Hollywood, has often led to Jokes border between gossip and sarcasm. Until they roared the ocean. “I think Will Smith’s best performance in recent years has been putting a good face in front of all of his wife’s friends,” Rebel Wilson said at the recent Bafta, British Academy Film Awards, and British Academy Awards. In short, for the I Am Legend star, the stress will be building up for years. It exploded at the wrong time and the wrong way. And someone like the actor and director Rob Reiner, yet to ask Will Smith withdraw from the Oscars: Apologies to the Academy and tears in thank-you letter are worth nothing, he should apologize to Chris Rock. We had the worst Oscar moment ever.

The Smith family welcomed the sign: That’s it! Jaden, the couple’s 23-year-old son, tweeted. But also on the outside: cheerful and fun too Serena Williams (Smith’s Oscar-winning movie King Richard tells the story of his father) and the rapper 50 cents. For a scientist so attentive to political correctness, like that of the American star system, this is a strange short circuit. Not to mention the hypocrisy. as a note Dan Woottona British TV commentator on daily Mail: Imagine the reaction if it was the white actor who attacked Rock. I don’t think Hollywood stars will line up to defend Smith on the red carpet at the post-holiday Oscars as they did today.

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Convinced that Smith’s gesture was quite impulsive, he was, from the start, Gabriel Mochino, the director who directed Finding Happiness and Seven Souls believes his friend spoiled the best night of his life: in fact, everyone will remember the slap rather than the fact that Smith brought home the coveted figurine after thirty years of work and two nominations. . He always knows how to get out of any situation. The fact that he stumbled hurts me

The funny side of everything? Those four to five seconds of reaching, slapping, and back in the seat became an unforgettable meme.
The bleak side? Smith was the fifth black actor in film history to win an Academy Award, and he’ll still be just a (bad) meme. Now, the words “smith” and “punch” are more searched for than the words “smith” and “Oscar.”

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