Temptation Island, Filippo Bisiglia is pleased to announce that … the news everyone has been waiting for

Temptation Island, Filippo Bisiglia is pleased to announce that … the news everyone has been waiting for

Filippo Bisciglia is delighted to take on the Temptation Island project again: the news you’ve been waiting for about the programme

After several editions, La Fascino, Maria De Filippi’s production company, decided to create a format that offered entry to villages to entice VIP couples. How can we forget people like Valeria Marini and her segments, or even Pago and Serena who started a constant push and pull on social networks and in various broadcasts. However, what appears to be more and more spectators’ passion is the regular version which meticulously provides the entrance of perfect strangers. They also decided to introduce the topic of age difference, that is, older women dating men at least ten years younger. A topic that seems obvious, but has actually been a taboo in our society for far too long that one can accept the idea that humans are bigger, but not the other way around.

Last year, in the absence of the summer programme, many people began following the stories of Filippo Bisiglia, the now conical conductor of this programme. Although replaced in the first version by Alessia Marcuzzi and later by Simona Ventura, there is now no Journey Through the Emotions without Griffin’s former presence.

Filippo Bisciglia is no longer in leather: the news all Temptation Island fans have been waiting for

A year after the draw, the news everyone has been waiting for has arrived: even after the broadcast of Men and Women, Raffaella Mannoia returns in search of single and unmarried couples who want to test their feelings. The official announcement of the summer broadcast’s return sent fans into a frenzy, but finally comes the fresh news you’ve been waiting for. Even Filippo Bisciglia, who is once again confirmed as the host of this program, is no longer in the skin: that’s what it’s about.

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The start date for the new version of Temptation Island has finally been announced: according to PubItalia’s price lists, the first episode will air on June 26th. A date that seems really distant, but if you think about it, it really isn’t. In the past, in fact, Maria stopped broadcasting in early May, and The Temptation was broadcast only in July. However, this year, men and women will keep us informed of the version of the story until the end of May and we will only have to wait about twenty days before the new Filippo appears.

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