Men and women, Sarah Shimmy and Sonny Di Meo are becoming parents!

Men and women, Sarah Shimmy and Sonny Di Meo are becoming parents!

Sony de meo And Sarah Shimi They became parents!

Former tronista l men and women He announced the birth of his first child with a post he posted on Instagram He also revealed the name the couple chose:

Before, it was impossible to even imagine. How much love you have. Nora Bell.

After separating in December 2022, the two reconciled and their love was crowned last March marriage. Shortly after, on social media it will be She announced her pregnancy, and informed her followers about it through a long post on Instagram. Inside, he highlighted how their relationship was characterized by ups and downs, writing:

it will be And SonyA couple of highs and lows as some would say. Or directly the crazy couple. And yes, it’s true, we’ve been obsessed with each other since May 28th three years ago. True stories never end and we know that very well, right love? We needed a sign, something more beautiful. Something superior. And yes you came. Our child.

So far, the former champions of men and women They are happier than ever and we can only send them our heartfelt wishes!

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