Stefano Di Martino and Martina Trivelli together? Everything related to the couple

Stefano Di Martino and Martina Trivelli together?  Everything related to the couple

A girl far from the world of entertainment will be the host’s new partner

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Does Stefano Di Martino have a new love? After the breakup with Belén Rodriguez and the skirmishes on social media, her satirical videos, and his videos on a boat, it seems that the dancer and presenter will also have a new partner.

Stefano Di Martino has a new partner

Before you hear him talk about the children’s exploits in the new edition of the college In Rai 2, where he will be the narrator, Stefano Di Martino was filmed by The singer and the woman On a Vespa with a little girl. He was intercepted by paparazzi while he was with Martina Trivelli, 26, who is not part of the entertainment world. In the wake of Belén Rodriguez’s previous engagement to businessman Elio Lorenzoni, Stefano Di Martino has also found love outside the usual circles of television and entertainment.

Who is the new partner?

Martina Trivelli He is from Pescara, lives in Milan, is 26 years old and works Retail Specialist From a cosmetics company. She is not part of the entertainment world but on her Instagram, which is full of travel photos, parties and outings with friends like any other girl, she already has more than 16 thousand followers. These new photos of the scooter confirm his recklessness from last week. The weekly magazine showed the couple on a tour around Milan after a moonlit dinner at a restaurant. The paparazzi followed them to Stefano’s house where she was going to spend the night. Based on these photos, the research of rumor experts was able to trace the identity of the girl, after some likes from the broadcaster, who is also among the followers of the little girl from Pescara.

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The New Life of Stefano Di Martino

Stefano Di Martino also turned the page after that Period of rapprochement with Belen Rodriguez. In recent weeks, the paparazzi have seen him with his son Santiago who is said to be very close to his sister Luna Marie and that is why Stefano and Belen’s other ex, Antonino Spinalbanese, have been seen together. The two found a way to pass the time so that the two brothers could play together. In addition to love, for Stefano Di Martino, it is also time to think about work. In the coming weeks he will be the narrator New edition of the college Opinion 2 And then back to lead the late evening programme Stella bar And think about a prime time program.

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