Voice of Spring 2024 | Primavera Sound echoes the first tapes of the 2024 release in the Fòrum area

Voice of Spring 2024 |  Primavera Sound echoes the first tapes of the 2024 release in the Fòrum area

Primavera Sound echoes the first tapes of the 2024 release in the Fòrum area

Primavera Sound opened its doors on Wednesday in what has already become a festival initiation ritual: a day of free concerts. Maria Jaume was responsible for kicking off the 2024 edition of the Forum, presenting her third album “Nostàlgia Airlines” (Bankrobber), which moves towards more electronic pop territory than previous albums. Thus, the Mallorcan signed the first steps of the festival, which will host, from Wednesday until next Sunday, 263 shows in 15 different stages. However, the big claims will have to wait today, with the performance of Phoenix and Stella Maris, the Christian pop group that emerged from the “La Messias” series, taking to a real stage for the first time.

Lana del Rey, SZA, Pulp, Vampire Weekend, PJ Harvey, The National, Mitski, Charli On the three main days, it will receive between 65,000 and 70,000 visitors per day from 134 different countries.

A performance by Ángeles, Victor, Gloria and Javier at the Rockdelux hall at the table on Thursday will open the festival while Teki Latex at Cupra on Saturday to Sunday morning will put the final transcripts on three consecutive days of concerts at the Parc. Dell Forum.

The culmination of this edition, as is already traditional, will be the Brunch Electronik party, which will transform the venue into a large open-air dance floor with sessions for The Blessed Madonna, ANOTR or Mochakk. American Football Parties, The Lemon Twigs, Dorian Electra or Royel Otis will bid farewell to the competition from Primavera a la Ciutat.

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Barcelona and Primavera, a perfect combination for many attendees

Theo, a British music fan, explained to ACN that he decided to come to Barcelona when he saw the confirmed headlines and therefore announced it to his friends: “I was coming even if I was alone.” Finally, two of his colleagues accompanied him and he took the opportunity to go sightseeing around the city for the week. El Curon, who is also English and a regular at British festivals, is making his Primavera Sound debut and awaiting performances by Deftones, Vampire Weekend and Charli XCX. “There are four or five artists I would like to see every day,” he continues.

Closest came Jesús and Pablo, both from Zamora, who attended the festival for the first time in 5 years and never failed again. “The lineup is very good, Barcelona is a welcoming city and they always program international and national artists that we like. We haven’t had any bad experiences in this regard,” they explained to ACN. While Jesús comes to Primavera to see “what’s there”, Pablo accuses him of being a “lover” and does not hesitate to declare his preference: “Lana del Rey”.

Specifically, the phenomenon that awakened this American artist is one of the secrets that explains the sale of tickets this year. According to the festival’s head of communications, Joanne Ponce, Friday – where Del Rey will perform – is the day that will gather the largest audience, about 70,000 people, about 5,000 more people than on other days. For Ponce, Lana Del Rey represents “an entire generation. She connects with the audience in a mysterious and interesting way.” He asserts: “Her words are complex and have become a phenomenon that explains the current era.”

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Another cornerstone of the 2024 edition will be the festival’s tribute on Thursday to Shellac by testing the new album after the death of Steve Albini. “Steve Albini was Johan Cruyff for us. He combined a passion for music with a certain amount of integrity. He was anti-festival and he loved our festivals, because he said we treated the artists and the audience well and everyone who came was a fan of the music.” He remembers. For this reason, the event will “Forever” dedicate the name of one of the Forum’s stages to the Chicago-born leader of the trio.

A space for the Catalan music scene

The new Catalan music scene, in full creative frenzy, will have its place in the competition. Thus, famous artists such as Ferran Palau, Guillem Gisbert, Reynaldo & Clara and Muchka will pass through the forum, along with more innovative proposals, such as Ariox, which redefines electronic music with a mixture of genres, or Xebi SF, which proposes a mixture of new and old styles.

The explosive energy of the Balearic band Mujeres and Marina Hine will be responsible for opening the bill for the first of the festival’s three paid days.

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