Team USA wins World Championship in Pismo Beach for the third time –

Team USA wins World Championship in Pismo Beach for the third time –

The Adaptive Surfing (or Paralympic Surfing) World Championships just concluded in Pismo Beach, California, culminating in a historic third title for Team USA. Fifteenth place for the Italy team, led by team manager Sergio Cantagalli and coaches Tommaso Bucci and Vincenzo Englito.

More than 180 athletes from 28 countries gathered in Pismo Beach, California for the ISA World Para Surfing Championships and for the coveted team gold medals, breaking the previous record from 2021 and more than doubling the attendance since the 2015 inaugural event.

Team USA wins historic third title. ISA image

Team USA is the undisputed winner of this world championship by winning the gold medal and an unprecedented third title of Para Surfing World Champion.

The second place belongs to France, which presented itself at this world championship with a combined and in good shape team of 16 athletes in various classifications, which won the silver medal. The bronze medal goes to Team Spain, while the bronze goes to Brazil, which takes first place on the podium.

Matteo Salandri fifth place in Category VI 1. ISA image

The FISW Surf Italia team, consisting of Bolognese Antonio Zucchini in prone class 1, Florentine Lorenzo Penni in prone class 2, Tuscan Jacopo Lucchini in standing 1 class, Fabrizio Bassetti in standing 2 class and Roman Matteo Salandri, who is blind, takes home fifth place Well-deserved ten years are satisfied with the experience gained at the World Championships in California.

Fabrizio Bassetti 10th rank Wing 2 category. ISA image

The format of the competition consisted of two qualifying rounds, then a semi-final clash, and then the finals.

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Even if the team applied for this edition in a reduced format due to the unavailability of two key components, it behaved very well from all points of view and in every category, facing every moment of the competition with great sportsmanship, enthusiasm and attitude. . positive.

Cover photo of Lorenzo Penni competing in the Prone 2 class. Photo by ISA


Team rankings

Gold – United States (10,890)

Silver – France (10,695)

Bronze – Spain (10448)

Copper – Brazil (10440)

susceptible to women 1

Gold Medal: Sarah Bettencourt (USA).

Silver medal – Catherine Beatty (USA).

Bronze Medal: Tracy McKay (RSA).

Copper – Sam Bloom (Australia).

Visual impairment in men 1

Gold medal – Elias Vig Dial (Brazil).

Silver medal – Thomas da Silva (France).

Bronze medal – Kirk Watson (Australia).

Copper – Ben Neumann (Germany)

V. Matteo Salandri (ITA)

prone to men 2

Gold Medal: Davi Teixeira (Brazil).

Silver medal – Matthew Vanderhoeght (CRC).

Bronze medal – Tomoki Fujihara (Japan).

Copper – Claudio Morales (CHI).

20 Lorenzo Penni (ITA)

Women’s double vision 2

Gold Medal – Alili Medina (PUR)

Silver medal – Melissa Reid (England)

Bronze medal – Ling Bai (Canada).

Brass: Allison Aiken (USA).

Visual impairment in men 2

Gold-Roy Calderon (CRC)

Silver medal – Jack Jackson (Australia).

Bronze medalist Miguel Flavio (Brazil).

Copper – Aaron Polk (HAW)

woman’s knee

Gold – Victoria Feige (CAN)

Silver medal – Noemi Alvarez (Chi).

Bronze medal – Emmanuelle Blanchett (France).

Copper – Audrey Pascual (Spain)

Women’s platform 1

Gold – Leaf Stone (USA).

Silver medal – Cristiana Fernandez (Brazil).

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Bronze Medal – Catalina Castro (Chi).

Copper – Faith Lennox (USA)

Open sitting

Gold medal – Felipe Keso Lima (Brazil).

Silver – Guillaume Collins (France).

Bronze medal – Juan Camacho (CRC).

Copper – Doug Hendricks (RSA)

prone to men 1

Gold Medal – Casey Proud (HAW)

Silver – Antonin Müller (GER)

Bronze medal: Marcal da Costa (Brazil).

Brass – Christian “Otter” Bailey (USA)

Antonio Zucchini 13 (ITA)

men’s knee

Gold – Llywelyn ‘Sponge’ Williams (WAL)

Silver medal: Mark Mono Stewart (Australia).

Bronze Medal – Altair Olivares (CHI).

Copper – Ibon Uruguay (Spain)

men’s platform

Gold Medal – Camilo Abdullah (Poor)

Silver medal – Roberto Pino (Brazil).

Bronze medal – John Will (Australia).

Copper – Kentaro Kondo (Japan)

Jacopo Lucchini VI (ITA)

men’s platform 2

Gold medal – Rafael Lueders (Brazil).

Silver Medal – Jean-Paul Vaudry (RSA)

Bronze Medal: Philip Nude (FRA).

Copper – Kenjiro Ito (Japan)

10th Fabrizio Bassetti (ITA)

men’s carrier 3

Gold medal – Alcino “Pirata” Neto (Brazil).

Silver: Daryl Melendez (CRC).

Bronze medal: Eric Dargent (France).

Copper – Naomichi Katsukura (JPN)

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