Here is the ticket price

Here is the ticket price

Good: Korean culture influences world trends In this period thanks to the success of the TV series Squid Game. Now, however, it is possible to “immerse” more in the experience, thanks to A partnership project between Immersive Gamebox and Netflix.

In fact, as I say Take CrunchAnd the In some specific locations in the USA and UK It is now possible to try the official games based on the Squid game. They range from “one, two, three, star” to the malicious game of biscuits (dalgona), until you reach the tug of war and the glass bridge, not forgetting the game of balls and the “squid game”.

How it works? You are wearing a headset It is played using 3D motion tracking and a touch screen. Target? Obviously pass all six matches planned. How long is all this? One hour. The experience is recommended for ages 16 and up and the number of participants ranges from 2 to 6 people. Ticket price? You go From $24.99 to $39.99 (or 20.62 to 32.98 pounds).

In short, it is referred to as A comprehensive Squid experience, which already has its first five-star reviews among other things (so there are those who can say they’ve tried Squid in the real world, although the actual launch is scheduled for September 21, 2022). If you want to explore the project further, you can refer to Immersive Official Gamebox Portal (Formerly known as Electric Gamebox).

In the meantime, there are not a few ads Wait for the second season of Squid.

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