January 27, 2023

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Ukraine, live coverage – Moscow rejects negotiations in the Vatican. Putin canceled the year-end conference. Zelensky at G7: “Other Weapons”

Zelensky asks G7 for more weapons

“Ukraine needs modern tanks,” Zelensky said at the online G7 meeting, “needs constant artillery support” and “guns and shells,” as well as “long-range missiles and rockets.” The more effective these weapons are, the shorter the Russian aggression will be.

Zelensky: “We need a global summit on peace”

ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, proposed to the virtual meeting of the Group of Seven to hold a “global summit on peace” for Ukraine. Ukraine has always led the negotiation process and has done everything to stop Russian aggression. Now we have an opportunity to use diplomacy to bring closer the liberation of our people and our lands. to me G20 in Indonesia I proposed the Ukrainian peace formula in “10 points that are clear and realistic in their implementation. For the sake of peace and peace in Ukraine, Europe and the world,” Zelensky said. “I propose to hold a special summit – a global peace formula summit – to determine how and when we can implement the points of the Ukrainian peace formula. I invite you, as well as other nations with a clear conscience, to show your leadership in implementing the peace formula.

Meloni: “We must plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine”

“We need to start planning for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war.” As far as he knows, the Prime Minister said so Georgia Meloniand participate in the G7 meeting via video link.

Zelensky: Putin is afraid of death and loves life. I don’t know if he is ready to use a nuclear weapon.

Is a Russian nuclear attack on Ukraine possible? put it inafraid of death and love life, So I don’t know if he is ready to use a nuclear weapon. Because he knows that if he presses the button the next step will be the response from other countries addressed to him personally.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with David Letterman on his Netflix show “No introductions needed.” Letterman asks in the second part of the interview Zelensky, via video link with the Ukrainian leader: “Is the threat of conflict or nuclear activity really possible, as everyone fears?” Zelensky replies, “Of course, I think two different situations could lead to such an outcome.” “Their (Russian) occupation of the power plant Our Nuclear” Posted by Zaporizhzhia “already poses a great threat. The other circumstance: Is there a threat of a nuclear attack by Putin? I met him, and saw in him a desire to live, love his life. He even wanted to sit at that very long table. He’s afraid of catching Covid-19 or some other infection.”

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Zelensky: I will keep the position of president until we win

“I will keep the post of President of ‘Ukraine’ until we win the ‘war’, but I don’t think about what I will do next.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview David Letterman To view on Netflix No Introduction Needed. About the future “I don’t think yet, I’m not ready. I would really like to go to the sea,” says Zelensky, “I stay a little by the sea after the victory. I’d like to drink a beer.”

Kiev: “Russia has missiles only for another 3-5 waves of attacks”

The deputy chief of military intelligence in Kiev, Vadim Skibitsky, declared that Russia had missiles only from another 3-5 waves of attacks on Ukraine, if you count 80-90 missiles per wave. Russia is using old missiles made in Ukraine and delivered to Russia in the 1990s against Ukrainian infrastructure. Since the beginning of the war, Russian factories have managed to assemble 240 Kh-101 precision cruise missiles and 120 Caliber missiles.

Zelensky: “What if Putin dies? Then the war will end.”

What if Putin dies? Then the war ends. This is how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to American TV presenter David Letterman when asked what would happen if the Russian president died. This was reported by Ukrainska Pravda. The interviewer on a Netflix special asked: “Suppose Putin catches a cold and dies, or accidentally falls out of the window and dies, will the war continue?” “No, – answered Zelensky, – there will be no war. The authoritarian regime is terrible. There is a great risk that one person decides everything. So when a person leaves, all institutions stop. Something similar happened in the Soviet Union. Everything stopped. I think if he leaves It will be difficult for them. They should focus on domestic politics, not foreign policy.”

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Russia rejects Cardinal Pietro Parolin’s proposal to host talks between Moscow and Kiev in the Vatican

Russia rejects Cardinal Pietro Parolin’s proposal to host talks between Moscow and Kiev in the Vatican. I am afraid that the Chechen and Buryat brothers, for my part, will not appreciate it. As far as I recall, there were no words of apology from the Vatican, a State Department spokeswoman said. Maria ZakharovA- As mentioned in the tax. Referring to the accusations of cruelty against Buryat and Chechen soldiers in Ukraine that Pope Francis has made in recent days.

Kiev: “The Russians bombed medical facilities in Kherson again”

The Russians “bombed medical institutions in Kherson again.” This was announced by the governor of the region, Yaroslav Janusevich, via Telegram. The infirmary and another hospital in the city were damaged. No injuries were recorded.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister launched an appeal for the purchase of Patriot missile batteries

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal called for the purchase of Patriot missile batteries and other high-tech air defense systems to counter Russian attacks. In an interview with French broadcaster LCI broadcast on Sunday night, Schmihal said Russia wants to flood Europe with a new wave of Ukrainian refugees, targeting Ukrainian infrastructure. Providing Ukraine with Patriot surface-to-air missiles would be a huge step forward in the kind of air defense systems the West is sending to help Kiev defend against Russian air strikes. So far, no country has offered these missiles, although Germany has supplied Patriots to neighboring Poland, its NATO ally.

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