June 8, 2023

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Under The Hague, Blinken urged the allies: “Detain Putin if he passes through your territory.” But the United States does not have to do that

Any country abiding by the Statute of the International Criminal Court “must arrest” Vladimir Putin if he leaves Russia to travel to its territory. This is the warning issued by the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, quoting CNN. “I think that anybody who is part of the court has obligations that they have to fulfill,” Blinken said, in response to the Republican senator’s question. Lindsey Graham During a session of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Despite the appeal to the leaders, in particular to the European allies, the Secretary of State did not want to clarify whether the American authorities were ready to extradite the Russian president to the ICC in the case – albeit to school – the latter should go to the United States. “I don’t think he has any plans to come here,” Blinken summed up, reminding the congressional branch of how the U.S. Not part of the aforementioned court. The decision to issue an arrest warrant against the Russian president, who is accused of deporting thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia, has reopened the debate about the role of the International Crimes Court. Indeed, since its inception, the states that have accepted its jurisdiction are 123. Among these, however, are Russia, China and India and precisely the lost nations, which decided in the year 2000 not to join in to protect their men – soldiers at first – engaged in the world from any possible eventuality. external legal interference. Since then, no US administration has changed course. As a judicial institution that “intends (…) to prosecute cases only when states are unwilling or unable to do so”, the ICC, as it states on its website, “does not have its own police force or enforcement body; Therefore, it relies on cooperation with countries around the world for support, especially for arrests The detainees were transferred to The Hague Detention Center, where the court is located.

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