US warning to CIA director: “Iran’s nuclear program is advancing at an alarming pace”

US warning to CIA director: “Iran’s nuclear program is advancing at an alarming pace”

Iran’s nuclear program is advancing at an alarming pace.” So CIA Director William Burns raised the alarm at the same time Interview In the cbs on “An escalation in military cooperationbetween Moscow and Tehran. According to the head of the CIA, “Iran only takes a few weeks to enrich uranium 90% and beyond, That is, at the level of atomic weapons». Then Burns explained that “Iran is still very far away in terms of its ability to actually develop a weapon,” noting that the progress in enrichment systems and missiles.They are growing at an alarming rate». According to reports from the CIA, another reason for concern for the United States is the military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran: «On the one hand, Russia is evaluating sending fighter jets to Iran. On the other hand, Tehran continues to send increasing amounts of weapons to Moscow for its war in Ukraine.” Cooperation between the two countries is “rapidly moving in a very dangerous direction,” Berne warned. “This creates obvious risks not only for the people of Ukraine, and we have already seen the evidence. On it, but also risks for our friends and partners throughout the Middle East.” Last July 17 he was the head of the Strategic Council for International Relations Kamal Kharrazi To declare: “Iran has the technical capabilities to build a nuclear bomb.” The remarks appeared to be a response to Biden’s statements regarding intent Prevent Iran from buying nuclear weapons.

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