Covit, Moderna and the United States Controversy over who invented the vaccine –

Discussion between Moderna and National Institutes of Health on who invented one of the most important components of the Govt vaccine

Modern And this National Institutes of Health They argue who invented a key element Govit vaccine. According to a diatribe New York Times
Has broad implications for both Long-term delivery of the vaccine And billions of dollars in future profits.

The vaccine was later rebranded as “SpikeWaxEffect Four years of collaboration between Moderna and Nih. Partnership is especially appreciated when The vaccine was very effective Against corona virus infection. The Nih, American Daily Reconstruction, says three scientists from its research center – John R. Mascola, Barney S.. Graham E. Kismagia s. Carpet – Worked with modern experts to find out the process of generating an immunosuppressive immune response, for which it should be mentioned in the “main patent application”.

Moderna disagreed, with the company declaring in documents filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in July that “these individuals have arrived in good faith.” They do not find together»Say. The question for this is only among the inventors Names of Moderna employees.

November 9, 2021 (November 9, 2021 change | 21:57)

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