Art and science go hand in hand. The doors are open at Villa Galileo

Art and science go hand in hand.  The doors are open at Villa Galileo

Immerse yourself in and be inspired by extraordinary scientific discoveries to create contemporary works of art. It is the dynamics of the “La Science de l’Art” Biennale, which has been taking place in Paris and Ile-de-France for twenty years and which crosses borders for the first time in its tenth edition and arrives in Florence, in a villa. Galileo, the great scientist’s final resting place on the hills of Arcetri, is managed by the museum system of the University of Florence, which takes care of its valorisation.

The appointment is today at five o’clock in the evening, at Villa Galileo at Pian dei Giullari 42, where the exhibition “Cosmogonic Orchestra” will be held by the French artist Maëva Ferreira Da Costa, who drew inspiration from research in cosmology, astrophysics and the birth of the universe. Communication with researchers from the University of Florence, the National Institute of Astrophysics – Arcetri Observatory and other research institutes.

Villa Galileo’s participation in the French Biennale is part of the broader “Grasping the Cosmos” project, born from a collaboration between the University of Florence Museum System and the Galileo Galilei Institute. The opening will be welcomed by Vice-Rector for Research Deborah Berti, Directors of the Florence Branch of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics Giovanni Basaleva, Mark Williams Debono and Alan Doughty, respectively President and Director of the “Gathering”. pour la Culture en Ensonne”, which promotes the French Biennale. The Florentine event curator Valeria d’Ambrosio will present the exhibition together with the physicist Pietro Centorino. The program also includes short scientific communications on the artist’s inspiring themes, edited by Andrea Ferrara (astrophysicist from the Scuola Normale) and Natasha Fabbri (Historian of Science from the Galileo Museum.) The evening concludes with a performance by the artist with Rylabin entitled “Signal.”

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